Friday, 10 July 2009

First scouting report on Messi

Xavi Llorens has revealed to Barça TV the report he made in the autumn of 2000 about a diminutive player who was just starting out in the Barça youth teams called Leo Messi. Llorens then described the Argentine as "a little Maradona".

The autumn of 2000. Xavi Llorens, under-14s B team trainer at Barcelona, was tasked by the club's then academy director Quimet Rifé to draw up a report about a 13-year-old boy who had just arrived from Rosario and who might be joining the club.

"He's not much physically but he is technically superb and incredibly fast." That's how Xavi Llorens' report about the youthful Leo Messi began. Llorens was with the Argentine in the 2000/01 season, when Leo was going through a bad time with injuries: "I remember that he was very different on and off the pitch. He was shy in the dressing room and didn't say much, but he was bold on the pitch and did all those things we see now at Camp Nou".

The man who was Leo's first coach in the Barça academy thinks that now "Messi is the best player in the world. Kaká and Ronaldo are good, but what Leo can come up with out on the park is incomparable". The current women's first team coach includes Xavi and Messi "among the best five in the world".

watch a video here

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Martin Engelin said...

Messi is amazing :)

Hm about that last part Iniesta is even better than Xavi in my opinion.

Ammar said...

Barca is not just a club !
a 13 old year kid the brought him just to cure him regardless of how good he was during the curing period they asked a caoch to see if he can include him on some team
guess what
he is the best player alive right now =)

Remember .. Not just a club

Xaviniesta said...

was he the one that was made to sign an agreement on a table napkin or something after his trials..cos the trainer or whoever that was was scared he'd slip through our fingers?..or was that iniesta?

Anonymous said...

It's him! It's him!! It's the greatest player on the planet to ever where the football shoes!!! You are just spot on XavIniesta :)

Unknown said...

ammar.... they brought this 13 year old kid accross because he was the best they had ever seen and for a 50 000 dollars worth of treatment they might have a real gem on their hands and it was a bargain.. if that 1 year old was garbage I GUARANTEE BARCA WOULD NEVER HAVE PAID..

robin said...

hey you there you are doing a mistake xavi is a very good midfielder and iniesta is also good too so dont underate any one of them....

robin said...

messi is amazing.......LOVE YOU........

Anonymous said...


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