Friday, 10 July 2009

Thierry Henry Nominated For Golden Foot Award

Thierry Henry's excellent season with Barça has continued to earn him accolades. He has been nominated for this year’s Golden Foot award. The Golden Foot is given to players who are at least 29 years old and have had outstanding careers in football.

This is Henry's third nomination, the first one was in 2007 which Del Piero won, and the second in 2008 (the award went to Roberto Carlos). Other past winners include Ronaldo (2006), Andriy Shevchenko (2005), Pavel Nedved (2004) and Roberto Baggio (2003). A Barça player has never won this particular award.

This year, Henry is facing competition from the likes of Raúl (Madrid), Buffon (Juventus), Totti (Roma), Giggs (Manchester United), Figo (Inter), Trezeguet (Juventus), Ronaldinho (Milan), Beckham (LA Galaxy) and Gerrard (Liverpool).

The winner of the Golden Foot leaves a permanent mould of his footprints on "The Champions Promenade", sort of a "Walk of Fame" of international football on the seafront of the Principality of Monaco.

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Ramzi said...

I guess it has to be between Henry and Gerrard. Henry may even have an edge after winning the treble.

All the other names had humble season.

BlueNClaret said...

What are you guys waiting for?
Come on....

Vote for Henry!

.. and also make sure you click this blog's advertisements. It's all for good cause.

"All advertising benefits from this blog go to a children's project in Africa and a world-wide cultural heritage project. Every visit, every click helps" End quote.

Hmm.. I should make a blog full of advertisements and spend hours clicking ads. All benefits derived will be put to a FCB's transfer funds as anonymous donation. How many millions of clicks should I do in order to help Barca to buy Ibra or Aguero or Villa? Hehehehe... Just kidding, folks!

But seriously, vote for Henry and click ads on this blog.

pep said...

No, don't click like mad, then google thinks I'm messing with the system and they will block everything! So just click when you feel like it... ;)

fcbee said...

It's not about the season, but about the career. My vote actually goes to Barcelona legend Ronaldinho rather than to Arsenal legend Henry...

The winners list isn't really that impressive, I have to say.

BlueNClaret said...

Aha.. Got it. Thanks!

Ramzi said...

True Fcbee, but the priority has to go for the previous season. Or else, why not Maradona for example? Or Maldini?

As a barcelona fan, I would pick ronaldinho without any doubt, but to be fair Henry diserves it more. He had lot of greatseasons with Arsenal and at the NT but won no individual recommendations (not as many as he diserve at least). Then He had this great season for Barcelona.

Putting Career performance (which by the way was longer for Henry than that of Roni), adding it to individual awards handed for each of the two players, adding it to last season performance, makes Henry the most appropriate one to get this award. For me at least.

Ramzi said...

"adding it to individual awards handed for each of the two players"

Roni won more individual award while Henry unfairly didnt. MOst of the time the reason was his team (Arsenal) being under achieving, and the fact that he is not playing for a team like RM for example who have strong media and connections.

Unless if anyone really think Canavaro was better than Pirlo at the WC.

TengkuAmir10 said...

If giggs win then i'm fuc*ing FIFA or the one behind it.!!!!!!!!!!!giggs is overrated like SERIOUS!


Xaviniesta said...

my point exactly ramzi. henry did great and we're looking at season's performance here, not career long but even if its the latter, henry still deserves something. come guys, lets help out a bit, make a barcelona player win this one. and @fcbee, save for a few flukes, the winner rosted is kind of impressive. winners by vote gets percentage points in final judging, its not just a popularity contest way i understand it.

Xaviniesta said...

*winner roster

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