Thursday, 9 April 2009

Valencia interested in Bojan loan

Valencia regional sports paper Superdeporte claims that Valencia is interested in Barcelona forward and Spanish youth international Bojan Krkic (18).

Valencia would be aware that it will be difficult to hold on to forward David Villa if the club doesn’t qualify for next season’s Champions League and is therefore already looking for a substitute in case the Spanish international would leave in the summer. The club has at this moment two options: Bojan and Almería forward Alvaro Negredo.

Barcelona would be considering to let Bojan leave on loan next season with the final decision depending on what happens during the summer transfer window. Valencia could be interested in a loan deal but only it the deal would be for two seasons and if there would be willingness to include an option to buy the striker.

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E said...

a loan should be good....but NO buy option!

lawrenzo said...

well,don't really care.i believe the loan deal is appropriate just for playing time sake but the buy back option is necessary because he has a promising future.

mofof said...

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OLALEKAN said...

yes really a loan option is good and even to valencia!a team among thye best six in the liga.pls just let him go and gain so much esperience.

barca4life said...

What better experience can he gain than being in the same dressing room with henry etoo messi? He will play when the time is right,remember he is just 18. Which other 18 year old has a starting place in one of the biggest clubs in the world? Relax and plz stop criticizing if he does not score the minute he comes on the field. In the last game bojan started everybody wanted to kill him when he didnt score in the first half.

Etsp said...

I agree. Let the kid grow in peace, he'll get more playing time for sure.

Dan R said...

But you all must admit that including a 2 year loan in the buy of David Villa (in case Eto'o leaves) will lower the price seriously!

Shaim said...

Letting Bojan go to Valencia on loan would mean we'll definitely have to buy one decent forward as Eto'O substitute since Guddy (in case he's still in the squad next season) is pretty likely not to manage with the role of a leading forward (both in terms of generating as many goals as Samu and being able to perform consistently if the latter for some reasons will be out of action). So it's time to decide whether Pep will stake on Bojan as a main candidate to become team's primary striker in the near future (which means giving him much more time to play and remain patient if he doesn't play well enough). Otherwise, keeping in mind that Bojan could probably significantly benefit and mature in valencia, we'll have to intensively search for someone who could partially offset absence of Samu next season. But is it worth doing so since I personally think the guy has potential to be Barca's next star striker, and hence it's up to Pep how to handle the situation.

Barca nerd-fan said...

a loan to Valencia will be good but not for 2 years and option to buy him.

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