Monday 17 August 2009

Xavi: "We want to keep on winning"

Barcelona player Xavi took part in yesterday's super cup game game against Athletic Bilbao and shared his thoughts with journalists after the match:

"Generally speaking, we played a good game. In the first half hour, we had three big chances but we couldn't score. They had the luck to be able to score before half-time and this has destabilized us. But we've overcome that.

In the first half I got a chance but I was out of balance. Luckily, I could make up for that by scoring in the second half. I'm happy with my goal, with Pedro's goal and with the result and the way of playing of the team. This team has the will to keep on winning. I'm happy for the result and for the spirit showed by the team.

For the first official game we've played, this is a great result and we're making a big step towards the super cup. But nothing is decided yet, there are still 90 minutes left. Several important players weren't there but whoever plays, the team is doing well. Pedro was very good, like Jeffren. It's a sign the youth academy is working well."

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Bogman said...

You see guys? Even Xavi thought Jeffren was good! I told you! =)And you should never question Xavi...right? =)

Anonymous said...

See he cannot come and say Jeffren is not at our level, so just sell him or loan him out... It's in the nature of Xavi to appreciate youth team players, after all he must be taking so much pride in that Holy La Masia of ours :)

Unknown said...

What I like seeing last night and during pre-season is the hunger and determination shown by the players. It's like they each want to show Pep they can do better than the player they replaced. They want to show him they want to be selected not as back-up but rather as a tactical decision.

Seeing Pedro, Keita, Jeffren, Abidal push themselves just gives me the confidence we can rely on whoever is chosen to play.

Anonymous said...

Reporter: What do you think about Jeffren?

Xavi: Jeffren? He clearly isn't good enough for this team. We should get rid of him as soon as possible.

LOL; do you imagine Xavi saying such things?

subby said...

u anonymous are u bitch or fuckin real madrid fan.. how can xavi say that soo fuck off from this blog..

mike in africa said...

i think we need a little patience with bojan and jeffren. even xavi and iniesta took a couple of seasons to really find the confidence and established themselves.

Andréssibraviquénryaya said...

Only one of Pedro & Jeffren need to stay this season, the other must leave on loan to gain some experience... But since Pedro looks like he's almost established and kinda gained Pep's trust, it's jeffren who's to leave. It was inevitable anyway as far as I see.

Areign said...

Subby, lurk more, read twice before commenting. you totally missed the point of the comment.

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