Monday, 17 August 2009

Cicinho open to offer from Barcelona

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to Barcelona (read more here), AS Roma right back defender Cicinho (29) has said in an interview with Italian sports paper Il Corriere dello Sport that he would listen to a concrete offer despite being happy at Roma:

"The first thing that I want to clarify is that I have never expressed to anyone, let alone to Roma, my desire to return to Brazil. I'm feeling very well in Rome, I'm happy with how things are going, certain problems I had in the past have been solved, so at this moment everything is ok. Even for my family. My son is now enrolled in a school here in Rome.

So I don't understand where some rumours are coming from. I have now spent five years in Europe and I don't have any problems at all.
I just said that my dream is to return to Brazil in the future and to end my career there. Right now I'm totally focused on recovering from my injury and returning to the pitch in a Roma shirt. The recovery is going well, I am ahead of initial schedule. I am putting everything in to be available for the squad for the second league game against Juventus.

I have never heard anything from Barcelona, I know about it from reading the papers. Of course, I would be a hypocrite if I said, if this was all true, that interest from the club that won the last Champions League would not make me happy, but for now there is nothing. If this would become more concrete and Roma wants to sell me, then we can talk about it again, but, I repeat that I am happy with Roma."

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Anonymous said...

He's better option than Eboue if we can get Cicinho for 6-7m euros, I say we move for him. He can play on the right wing too. He has a nice shot.

Anonymous said...

It seems that various members of Liverpool FC travelled to Bilbao last night to witness the Spanish SuperCup game between Athletic & FC Barcelona. That was to scout Fernando Amorebieta.

Now Rafa Benitez scouts a LOT of players from Spain, exploits a LOT of Spanish talent... examples---> Fernando Torres, Arbeloa, Riera(not so great but not mediocre as well, plays for Spain!), etc. And we instead scout NO-BODY's. Not saying Chyhrynskiy is a mediocre player, but come on, you can't be sure he would be success with us. Recent examples of our bad scouting---> Caceras, Hleb, Henrique, etc. None of them are actually bad, but none could also not get accustomed to our style.
There's some thing wrong with our scouting system itself :(

Anonymous said...

I don't think we have a scouting system. We just rely on different agents it seems. Our scouts for the youth teams are superb, but for the senior team, it really is very bad. Listen to Txiki. He says basically that there are no options on the market. He says this because he doesn't know much about different players in the world, he just relies on some agents who want to sell their overpriced players. If Txiki knew about the market, he would know that there are alot of great players out there, in different leagues, but we don't seem to care, we just buy completely random.

Anonymous said...

LOL... I'm not so pissed but a li'l worried. Because scouts should actually certify the players by examining their style and not their success, but it seems we didn't do that proper in the recent past. Come on Txiki prove us wrong

Anonymous said...

Barca nike

we are always interested in injured players i dont know why, but he is better than Eboue.

note: Eboue will goto the ACN in February

Marc4barca said...

there will always be players clubs buy that don't live up to expectations so it's best we get over it instead of blasting the board every chance we get.

Andréssibraviquénryaya said...

Our scouting system does seem to be a bit out of order... Because as of recent, not many players bought had been very good for us, exceptions Pique,Henry & Alves. One being a youth product and the others very well-established stars.
BTW Athletic put same same buy-out contract for Fernando Llorente & Fernando Amorebieta. Is the latter such an important player for them? Agree we can't compare a striker & a defender, but just out of curiosity.
Also Benitez seems to have has his eye set on Athletic Bilbao... First it was for Javi Martinez and now for Amorebieta :O

Anonymous said...

He is to old we should get a guy who could replace Alves some day. By the way this should no be our main concern we need a LW,CM,CB more.

Anonymous said...

I cant beleave we didnt make a move for Diego or Gourcuff. Now its to late they would have fit in perfecly

Andréssibraviquénryalvesyol said...

Gourcuff I'm not sure if he won't be tempted to an offer from Campions Barca, but Diego??? No way he would have signed for us. He's on par with one of the best mid-fielders of current generation, in his prime age, and he sure won't accept to be a rotation - squad player...

Anonymous said...

Why should he not accept to be a rotation player along with xavi iniesta

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