Monday, 17 August 2009

[2008] Bojan will sign renewal next week

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona forward Bojan Krkic (17) will sign a new five-year deal with Barcelona when he turns 18 next week (read more here). The buyout fee will be 80 million euro°.

Bojan signed his first three-year contract (plus two optional years) with Barcelona when he turned 16 two years ago. The financial emphasis of this first contract, that expires next summer, was on the incentives based on games played (read more

Madrid sports tabloid Marca claims that Bojan's salary will rise from 60 000 euro to 1,75 million euro net a year with an important part of that amount being incentives and mainly depending on games played and trophies won. Catalan radio station Ona FM claims that the player's earning will get higher step by step during the coming years.

Spanish news agency EFE also claims that the renewal is upcoming and Catalan sports paper Sport claims that the news has been confirmed by official spokespersons of the club.

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1 comment:

one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

80 million euro =
124 million us dollar
64 million british pound

Anonymous said...

what will he earn?

pep said...

They don't mention it this time but before they suggested 1,7 million euro plus incentives:

cojonudo said...

Prudent move on Barcelona's part. I hope they put pen to paper at the stroke of midnight of his 18th birthday attaching the tidy sum of 80mil on his buyout clause to prevent vultures from other clubs circling around preying upon him.

Not only could Bojan become Barcelona's best striker down the road. He could also follow Villa and Torres in the assembly line as Spain's next best striker for years to come. Possibly the next 'Raul' hopefully without the attitude.

noubarca said...

my brithday mate.makes me like him more

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