Friday 21 August 2009

Xavi: "We will not repeat the errors of the past"

Speaking to Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio, Barcelona player Xavi Hernandez commented on the Gamper match and looked ahead to the new season:

"The team played well, we dominated the entire game but the ball did not want to go in. This was a friendly, what is important is Sunday.

We have learned from the negative things we went through in the past. We have many challenges to overcome, we are intelligent and we will not repeat the errors of the past."

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xavi is god said...

xavi is god!!!!ask him and u shall receive!!!!!praise him

Slasher McKagan said...

he speaks like he plays, always with sense. Xavi is the player of the XXI century... God bless him & San Andres, they're authentic artists, they play all the time very well, not like zidane from time to time

Anonymous said...

I'd appreciate it if you don't refer to a mere human as a god. It's just idiotic to most of us

Anonymous said...

^^^ And I would appreciate it if you weren't our spokesperson

ifotbol said...

Xavi is the best midfielder in the world. Since Spain won the Euro he has shown that there is no one like him. Only Iniesta comes close to him. If Xavi is in good form Barcelona will surely win another treble.

xavi is god said...

watever dude....i didn literally mean xavi is god( THE ALMIGHTY BLA BLA) i meant he is the god of midfield. isnt he?????and ask and u shall receive was in reference to his awesomely accurate passes!!! get ur head out of ur ass anonymous!!!!

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