Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Front: El Mundo Deportivo


The Swedish crack makes his debut and Messi returns for the party of the treble winners

Zlatan: "I think the fans will enjoy themselves a lot watching us"


If the English club is eliminated by Celtic, Fàbregas will come. If not, next season.


MiDO H. said...

if we wait we can save like 20 Mil or so cuz by next year his price would drop like hell specially he wants to leave...
and if we dont wait we pay 40 or 35 M
but we increase our chances of winning titles this year
its a win-win situation but i prefer we wait ^_^

doogle said...

so where's a good place to get that special edition shirt he's wearing?

fcbee said...

Online Barcelona shop;

doogle said...

i had a look at barca's official online store, did they only make L's? or do they sell smaller sizes elsewhere?

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