Thursday, 20 August 2009

Next president will stay on for six years

At Barcelona's socio's assembly there has been decided on the change of the term of the next Barcelona president.

A modification of the relevant Catalan legislation forced the club to change the four-years term.

The new term of office of the board of directors will be for six years (instead of four years until now), starting on 1st July and finishing on 30th June. The president of the Board may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. Residence in Catalonia will be a necessary precondition to be elected president.

Read more:
Final proposal for six years term for president


ifotbol said...

If it's for the improvement of the club and the projects of the president then it's a good idea.

Long-term projects are what sustain a club and make it prosperous. However, if it is just to keep the power for longer then it's not a good idea and could hurt the club more than it can help it.

Anonymous said...

Laporta wants to be president forever!!

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