Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Gamper, Ibra's Party

The day has come to enjoy the Swedish crack.

"Ibra Fever," as it is beginning to be known, has gotten a hold of Barcelona, as well as fans alike. "There is no better way than to present Ibra and open his debut at the 44th Gamper game," claims Xavier Muñoz from El Mundo Deportivo.

Perhaps this night would become one of the greatest nights for a Gamper. Having the likes of Robinho, Tevez, and Adebayor along with their ever growing squad applauding and welcoming back the Tricampeon to the field promises to shake and motivate azulgrana fans to fill the whole stadium. Its the game thats going to bring the most "bang" for the buck.

Ibra is probably going to play 45 minutes with a protective cover on his arm. Asked about his debut, he responded, "Of course I feel a little nervous. Everything is new and I still have to adapt. But I don't worry about it much. I know how good I am and I am confident."

"I will always try to play for the fans. And being along Henry and Messi at the front, Oh! I think that the fans will enjoy it." Asked about his future triumphs with Barcelona, Ibrahimovic responded, "You cannot just win here, you have to play beautiful football too. That is something that is a real motivation for me."

"Ibra's Party" will begin to be televised early morning, as preparations for the game will be underway. Before the game, the official presentation of Barcelona will begin. Fasten your seatbelts, we're in for a ride!


Anonymous said...

he better perform. he cost alot. alot of money, so much we might not have any money left.

SJP said...

hey pep, or anyone else, any ideas if we can watch the presentation on-line? thanks

skaterboy said...

dont expect to much its just a friendlie...
when does the game start?
im from italy any idea?
help would be much appreciated=)

ifotbol said...

I agree with the previous posts. Ibra cost a lot of money so the pressure will be on him to deliver. However, with players like Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, etc he should have plenty of opportunities to shine. He is got everything to be succesful at Barcelona so we shall see.

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