Saturday, 22 August 2009

Guardiola rejected Poulsen transfer

Spanish news site El Confidencial claims that Barcelona was close to signing Juventus midfielder and Danish international Christian Poulsen (29) earlier this transfer window when it began to become clear that the transfers of Mascherano and Cesc would be difficult (read more here).

The Danish midfielder would even have travelled to Barcelona while his Italian club was taking part in the Peace Cup a few weeks ago, but Guardiola reportedly stopped the whole operation because he wasn't interested in Poulsen.

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barca4life said...

Well that should make a few ppl here happy. As far as I remember there were several people who did not want pouslen and said he was useless. Lets see the outrage begin to pour in as people completely reverse their views.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, phew... :)

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

no problems with this. As long as we sign a cb and RB we ok. When Africa comes up Dani Alves more than capable to play DM. Regardless of how the rest of the transfer market works out it is obvious the cantera is going to get a lot of playing time this may mean call ups for the young guns in January. We gonna see lots of perdrazo,bojan,and tiago it seems.

Sachincule said...

oh thank god!! God bless pep :-)

Anonymous said...

We definitively should have signed him! He was not needed by Juventus and would have costed around €5 mil - signed a 2 year contract and we could have sold him after this season when we have more time to actually make a signing that Pep wants. He's an experienced DM and he's good at what he's doing. Not a Yaya, Essien or Masch - but good for depth. He's also used to Liga and have played in Bundesliga, Serie A and CL.

Gelson said...

oh your right barca4life.
the reversals have begun:)

Anonymous said...

Pep is a wise man!

Style said...

I'm danish and I Poulsen isn't ready for Barca. Not even close. So it's definitly good news!

Tohar Investment Limited said...

no good news dude,who would replace toure and keita in january pep????

txikidracula said...

i agree w/anony on poulsen. not a reversal/new position. i knew what he was & knew what the team was lacking and given his price tag & his experience, thought he'd be the most bang for barca's buck. we're talking about a sub for toure & busquets here. he was a starter for sevilla and knows the intricacies of keita & dani alves.

i originally wanted hernanes too but after watching dos santos &,especially, thiago play i'd rather they get some time. that's a reversal(one most people on this blog have made). we've got the cm position covered, not the dm.

i'm not heartbroken by any means that we didn't get the dane but, how people can totally ride him off as useless i can't really comprehend. so he didn't adapt to italian football after being only given a handful of appearences, so what?

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