Thursday 20 August 2009

Guardiola wears special shirt at Gamper game


Ibrahimovic ("Més"):
This Gamper game allowed me to make my debut and to show this solidarity shirt.

Guardiola ("More Transfers"):
And I took the chance to show this other shirt, that isn't about solidarity but the message is also important.

(click the cartoon to enlarge)


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Anonymous said...

probably stupid question but why do some news reports turn red in the overview?

thanks alot

Dan R said...


good one!

Zeli said...

2 Anony

red news are the most interesting and important. I think, pep chose red color, because it can attract more our attention than black..

correct me, if i'm not right ;))

0marX said...

Anony, they get marked red once you view them. It makes it easier for you to know what you've read already.

0marX said...

Or Zeli's comment... lol. Mine was specifically for the sidebar on the left.
For the main page, I think it's either updated posts or special posts.

Anonymous said...

Henrique is very close to sign a loan for Espanyol!

Kman said...

Well of all I would like Henrique to get some real La Liga experience and what better club than Espanyol. Praying to God he turns out to be a good CB.

Kman said...

And if he goes then we need at least one more CB,not to mention a minimum of 2 CM and not CDM cause we have more then enough even when the players go for ACN for month or so...

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