Saturday, 22 August 2009

Barcelona to make counter proposal for Cicinho

Italian football site Retestadio claims that Italian club AS Roma is waiting for an answer of Barcelona regarding the transfer of Roma right back defender Cicinho (29) (read more here).

Roma would have put forward a transfer price of 8 million euros° for the Brazilian defender, while Barcelona is expected to now make a counter proposal that is seriously lower.

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pep said...

8 million euros =

11 million us dollars
7 million british pounds

djoef said...

Txiki: "8 millions? Ok, don't get back to us. We'll get back to you."

Anurag said...

pay that price and get rafinha, at least he is young!

Tohar Investment Limited said...

yes ANURAG,im in support of u,rafinha is better for that amount or even less.7 million.he is younger,more skilfull and very good for a back up of alves.

Anonymous said...

Both Rafinha and especially Azpilicueta are better. Also get Babel from Liverpool, seems like Benitez wants to get rid of him

ifotbol said...

The amount Roma is asking is quite high for someone who is gonna be a back up player. I agree that there are less costly and better options out there. If they can sign Cicinho for 5 or 4M it would be acceptable.

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