Friday, 21 August 2009

Messi, Henry, Keita and Puyol on Ibrahimovic

Speaking to journalists after yesterday's training session, Barcelona players Messi, Henry, Keita and Puyol commented on new signing Ibrahimovic's adaptation.

"It was his first match and we have only had a few trainings together. I still have to get to know his movements, and he still has to know mine.

But he is a player with a lot of quality and he will adapt well to the group.
Ibrahimovic has to do his job and we have to help him do so. He shouldn't think about the comparisons with Eto'o because they are different players. Hopefully, Ibrahimovic can also give us a lot of joy."

"There are always expectations about the new players in Barcelona, whether they're coming from the academy or not. He has already shown his class. He was involved in all the plays, luck was the only thing missing that kept him from scoring.
Eto'o is already a part of the history of the club. It is not good to compare, now we have Ibra and we hope to win a lot with him too."

"He has spent a lot of time without playing. Alone, he cannot do anything, so the important thing is that he integrates well into the group."

"The rival's centre-backs will not have an easy job marking Ibra. He is strong and fast, and he has technique. It's a shame he has the injury in his hand as it delayed his adaptation a bit, but soon he will be able to play without any problems."

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hawk_barca_4_life said...

hmm agreed he was not able to train with the team due to his injury ... !!!
but he will be ready with 2-3 matches

Anonymous said...

henry is balding

Tudor said... what...I am 24 and I am already bald....It is nature...

Anonymous said...

just saying

lawrenzo loves barca said...

yeah,he is really aging that is the more reason why Aguero and Cesc will come next summer.

ifotbol said...

For a first game Ibra was not bad. He still needs to adapt to the other players and learn their movements but he is very skillful so that should not be hard to do. With 3 more games he should be back to his old self and the improvements will show themselves on the field.

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