Thursday, 20 August 2009

Guardiola: "We have to be patient with Ibrahimovic"

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola shared his thoughts after the Manchester City friendly game at a press conference:

"We had many changes during the game. The young guys played at a good level. And some of the players recovering from injury have played some minutes. Others, like Xavi, have been given rest. Overall, I am very pleased with the performance. There were some disbalances but in general I'm satisfied.

Ibrahimovic has trained a lot but lacks continuity, he needs more playing minutes. We will see if he will play the super cup. It was perfect tht he could play 45 minutes today. Gradually he will learn to know how to play with his team-mates. It's normal that he needs to adapt. I am happy with what he did.

He hasn't been playing for a while, he needs more training. He was only given the green light two days ago and he needs to go through a process now. He has had a hand injury, an operation, he had to avoid contact during training, but he is moving well. He has the quality needed and little by little, with patience, he will become a great player for this club. You can only pick up rhythm wile playing. He arrived here for fve years, not just for one day. In Italy he showed what he's worth."

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krankuba said...


it was a pleasure for me to watch gai, tiago, dos santos, messi and ibra playing together, even it was a mess :)

sho said...

Good game. I love the cadets. They played at a very high level. I only miss Sammus "movements" up front.

Unknown said...

It's a pity that I get to see little of the match due to crappy Justin.TV blocking live streams that I have to look elsewhere. But from the little that I saw, Ibra got quite a few scoring chances even tho he fails to convert them. He needs more playing time to retune this finishings but he gets his positionings right.

I guess I can't help but feel that he's trying too hard to be a team player that he passes the ball too much when in the videos that I've seen of him, he tends to use his strength to push aside his marker or makes a turn or do some crazy back-heel to find the net. In time I'm sure he'll be back to that Ibra that we knew.

Anyway if my observation is wrong it's just that I was sleepy when I watch the match (4am)and have to keep changing streams. I'll find a site that have a recording so I can watch the whole match later.

Zeli said...

2 buj:

I had the same problem with Justin, but this link helped me -

Great can solve out your problem with Justin TV..

wanted47 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Thanks for the suggestion zeli. I'll sure try it when I'm using Justin next time.

barca4life said...

No lets not be patient sell him sell him sell him. LOL. He didnt show 5 years of chemistry after 2 weeks after training by himself and 1 of training with half of the team. SELL HIM. LOL. Barca fans are so funny.

Ibra was fine, he was now getting his legs but i saw him play a great ball to messi that messi just didnt get and he did a few nice 1-2 plays with messi as well. Pretty good for a first run out. Remember he would have been feeling the nerves a little it being his first game and all.

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

Its a fact that Barça without Xavi and Iniesta is not such a dangerous team!

There will be trouble when they are both injured! We realy nead an attacking midfielder!!!

Marc4barca said...

Noubarca you don't need to keep repeating you miss eto's movements upfront... if you truly miss them then he is at inter, we have a new striker in zlatan either support him or shut up.

barca played well but it was one of those days where everyone was missing. although xavi and iniesta weren't there we still completely controlled the game. messi looks like he is ready to score 40 goals and maxwell is great going forward as usual and it seems he is learning to defend better as well, i still think abidal is rubbish and to inconsistent but i also understand playing maxwell and alves together is a big risk. hope abidal leaves next season and we sign felipe, he is very good defensively and times his runs forward.

Megano28 said...

I agree with the majority of the people here. Ibra played well yesterday, the only thing I felt he lacked was the fact that he barely ran at all while he didn't have the ball. Once he can fix this, he will be a Barca great and I wouldn't be surprised if he scored 25+ goals this season. Even his back heel is dangerously accurate! That says alot.

xavi_is_god said...

PEP got it spot on! he,s a little rusted rite now...nothin a bit of polishing wont fix! i totally believe in ibracadabra.....cant wait to see a authentic ibra goal!

ifotbol said...

Pep is right about Zlatan. He just came off an injury and has not played in awhile. However, someone of his abilities should be back in form in no time. In addition to this, he will have the best midfield in the world supplying him with opportunities game after game. With a couple more games, he should be scoring goals. In the meantime though, he could be more dynamic and press the defense a bit more.

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