Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Manchester City arrives in Barcelona

Manchester City arrived yesterday evening at 9:15 in Barcelona to play the Joan Gamper Trophy game later today.

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Anonymous said...

Does any body else hope Barca should start the match with all the kids?
We would get to know if they are really that good or if it's just the over-confidence shown by the board in them to, you know, escape from the criticism of not being very active in the transfer market.
I hope Man City comes out all guns open on our kids, kids would show if they are really worth it or not & if not, then the starters get on to the pitch and save our ass and we win just shaded in the end... We will get to know the truth. After all our pre-season was all against mediocre teams

Anonymous said...

Maybe Robinho will not go back to England, and sign for us heh

Anonymous said...

is jonathan dos santos still with them?

Tohar Investment Limited said...

yes i acept with that,i want montoya,gai and jonathan/thiago to start this match,so that man city can see why we call our self barca.Besides i want to see the skills of robinho again,may be he still remember does touches against barca or not.welocme city to the great city.

Anonymous said...

by them i mean Barça
sorry i wrote it wrong

Anonymous said...

lol first thing robinho does off the plane is get in touch with his Barca-based harem.

blaugrana1 said...

@ the first anony:

The youngsters are good, and it wont matter if play incredible or not. Look at there ages 18-20..they r still young no matter how good they are.

Look at other factors such as experience, strength and power. Sure they have some of these but not all, so it does not matter no matter how amazing they are. look at the arsenal players last yr they were really bullied by other teams even tho they have more experience than our youngsters.

pep said...

Can you pick a nick, Anony? That's easier to communicate.

Click next to the Name/URL option below and fill in a name. Thanks!

Max said...

Pep is there a channel on sky in which we can watch this match????

pep said...

I don't know about Sky, Max. But we'll have a chat session tonight that will start two hours before the the game and people there mostly can guide you to place where you can watch the game.

FCBdara said...

i am sure it will be somewhere on tonight

blaugrana1 said...

Hey Pep, guys..If anyone wants to know on which channel any game is available on. Go to

Its a very good site where they show you almost every single match in the world and on what channels they are shown on.

Hope it was helpful.

mike in africa said...

i agree with blaugrana1, it would be good to see how our youngsters respond to a game of high intensity. however, it needs to be taken into context.

us as fans also need to have a bit more patience. like wat wenger said abt cesc, saying he expects him to score goals now that he's 22, cuz players usually start scoring more goals from that age.

also look at how much patience he's put into the horrific bendtner, i think we need that kind of patience to see our youngsters blossom, cuz we kno they hav the potential.

blaugrana1 said...

Matches are on the following channels :

TV4 Sport
Sport 1 NL
La Sexta
Aljazeera Sport +6 - Romania

Andréssibraviqué said...

I do accept they are good. But it's not a very intelligent idea to have just them as our bench-warmers. Wenger has proved that with his trophy-less spree. Now as they say a wise man would learn from others mistakes. Last year, Arsenal main squad was not that bad, you see. They had Van Persie, Adebayor, Nasri, Fabregas, Song(who had prior top flight experience & had a very good ACN already), Toure, Gallas, Clichy, Almunia, Sagna, Walcott(who's as been around for like 4 years now!?)... But then with all the injuries they had to rely on the 'promising' kids & take a look at what they have delivered.
Now I agree Arsenal were a bit unlucky to be hit with so many injuries, but could you guarantee that we won't have that? We were very lucky for our main team starters not picking a major injury last time, but we can't expect it to be the same case this time around.
I do agree that those kids of Arsenal look matured now, but do you want us to endure similar pain to see all our kids get matured!?

I am really sorry. It was a mistake not to click on name/url instead of a deliberate one. Cheers :)

bombastico said...

Hopefully we get to see a 'similar' dramatic end as against Boca last year:D.
That was awesome.

I hope to see a great football festival, where many young players get their chance, and show their critics their skills.

Andréssibraviqué said...

Any way it's not that I don't want them to get playing time... I want us to rely on them only if they are at least half ready to step up to be the Barca squad players. Or else better buy 1 or 2 new players.

TengkuAmir10 said...


They're 18 and still not 'that good' is acceptable for you?

bombastico said...

1 or 2 new player would be awesome pep and vilanova have already made it clear that they wish atleast one or two players so lets wait.

Txiki definitely has started this year way too late so its gonna be his fault for not winning any trophies...

Andréssibraviqué said...

EMD claims Laporta would have said to be keen to sign Robben or Higuain if the Madrid board are willing to sell them to us for a reasonable-market price... If suppose that happens who would you welcome, Robben or higuain? Me, I will go for Higuain. The man is a genuine striker, good poacher. Robben is a selfish mother fucker, don't want him any where near barcelona

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