Thursday, 20 August 2009

Pedro talks about Messi and the treble

Speaking to Catalan radio station COM Ràdio, Barcelona player Pedro (22) spoke of teammate Lionel Messi and the possibility of winning the treble again this season:

"Messi is the best player in the world, becoming like him is something impossible. No one else can do what he does, he's at a very high level. The truth is that all the players who came out of the cantera of Barcelona and have reached a high level because of their hard work and desire, and this is why I am confident I can make it.

The coming season will be very difficult because repeating the treble would take a lot. But I think we have an excellent team that will continue with a lot of desire and ambition. This is why we can repeat the treble. We have to go step by step, match by match, and we can get there again if we continue playing at this level."

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Iason said...

I am really confident about our future. Why?

Ruben Mino can be our goalie one day but if he fails, we have Oier.

For RB, we have Montoya and if he fails, we have Dalmau.

For RCB, we have Pique and if he never lives up to the standards of last season, we have Botia.

For LCB, we have Muniesa and if he fails, we have Fontas.

For LB, we don't have any promising youth players so thats why I want to keep Henrique who is versatile enough to play there and if he fails, we have Caceres who plays as an attacking LB for Uruguay.

For DM, we have Busquets and if he fails, we have a lot of other DM's.

For CM, we have Jonathon Dos Santos and if he fails, we will probably end up with Cesc sooner or later.

For AM, we have Thiago and if he fails, we have other AMs plus Cesc who can play there if he comes one day.

For RW, we have Messi who will continue being the best player in the world for many years and if he ever gets a career ending injury, we have Pedro and Bojan.

For Striker, we have Bojan and if he fails, we have Keirrison and if he fails then we have a good target man in Rochina.

For LW, we have Gai who will be a great player one day if he lives up to his potential and if he fails, we have Bojan and if he fails, we have Jeffren who, with a little strength, can be a good player one day.


Anonymous said...

I am really excited about Dos Santos and Tiago. Those two are great players. They can become world class. Add Muniesa in there, and we have three excellent youth products who can become world class in 2-3 years. The others, I don't know if are going to be that great. But I really feel that it would be a mistake to buy a central midfielder with Tiago and 2 Santos already here.

Central midfielders: Xavi, Tiago, Yaya Toure, 2 Santos, Iniesta, Busquets, Keita. I think this is enough. We can let Guddy leave, and can let Iniesta play the left wing. We only really need a great central defender, who can score some goals on corners.

xaviniesta said...

the canteranos were simply amazing last night. thats why i'm also feeling very positive about the future. i hope we can hold on to the best of them.

ifotbol said...

You are absolutely right Lason. Barcelona has great players coming through the ranks and with the academy they have more will keep coming. I think Dos Santos and Jeffren will have plenty of opportunities in the season that is about to start. Like Pedrito said, with hard work, and if they go step by step, the team will once again rule Europe and Spain.

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