Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Medical: Marquez and Iniesta to miss Super Cups

Speaking at a press conference, Barcelona Manager Josep Guardiola has said that Barcelona players Andrés Iniesta (25) and Rafael Márquez (30) will probably not play the second leg of the Spanish super cup next weekend and the European super cup on Friday 28 August:

"I don't think they will be ready. It's too early. They missed a big part of the pre-season and they're coming back from injuries. It's good news that they have started to work with the group but it will take some more time before they fully return.

Andrés caught a virus during his vacations, he lost a lot of kilos and he couldn't start regaining muscles. There was also the jet lag because of the US tour and the death of Dani Jarque also had a serious impact. But now he's back and little by little he's gaining weight."

Márquez suffered a fibre rupture in his left calf, the lower backpart of the leg, during a training session in the United States on Wednesday 5 August and was then expected to be out for ten to fifteen days.

Iniesta tore a quadriceps muscle on the front of his right thigh during the league game against Villarreal on Sunday 10 May and although he played the Champions League final against Manchester United on Wednesday 27 May, he has never fully recovered from that injury. On Friday 5 June, the medical staff of the Spanish football federation confirmed that the player has torn a muscle in his thigh and he was then expected to be out for the next six to eight weeks.

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Anonymous said...

The question is if Iniesta will ever be ready? He is missing games now left and right, it is september before he can play and then they say it is still too early when september arrives, 4 months after getting injured?

Virus, jet lag, death of Jarque? They are covering up things I feel. There is more to this than they want us to know.

Anonymous said...

that what we need players that can produce when ever we have absance players. please get me Modric who can play CM and LW.what you guys think.

Anonymous said...

Modric? He will be expensive. Why not a new DM instead, using Yaya, Xavi, Iniesta and Keita as CMs/AMs? Let us buy a great DM, they don't cost so much if they don't play for the biggest team yet. We can look in France, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands etc. Or maybe Argentina where clubs have big financial difficulties now.

And Dembele could be great as a versatile option for the forward lines. He can both score and create.

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

I can understand not being ready for the Spanish Cup, but the European super cup as well??? That seems like a little bit to much to be off. If he is not ready for the Euro Super cup what is the sense in wasting him in meaningless liga games

Anonymous said...

DM: Busquets, New
CM: Yaya, Iniesta, Keita, Xavi

Anonymous said...

i guess iniesta's participation in the us tour was uncalled for in that case. what was the need to take him there, only to jetlag him

but, im getting too negative. he has recovered from injury, it seems, but he simply hasn't trained enough.

M10 said...

does anybody know what time the gamper game will start in california time?? thankz

fcbee said...

22:15 Barcelona time, look on google "time zones" and you'll see.

M10 said...

ok so if barcelonas 9 hours ahead of me, and 22:15 is technically 10:15 PM, that means the game will start at 1:15 PM for me, right??

Iason said...

Six Barca players are nominated for the yearly Uefa awards.

For defense, the nominees are Pique, Vidic and John Terry. (I think Puyol and Alves deserve it more than John Terry and Pique but whatever.)

For Midfield, the nominees are Xavi, Iniesta and Gerrard.

For the forwards, Messi, Eto and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The goalies are: Valdes, van der Sar and Cech.

fcbee said...

Yes. I think West Coast in US is minus 6 and East Coast minus 9.

M10 said...

no its the other way around lol

groga said...

Old news, Iason... ;)


fcbee said...

Oh yeah, lol. I always mix up east and west... I meant: NY minus 6, LA minus 9.

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