Sunday, 16 August 2009

Cicinho prefers to return to Brazil

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to Barcelona (read more here), AS Roma right back defender Cicinho (29) has said in an interview with Brazilian sport site Globo Esporte that he actually would prefer to return to Brazil although he didn't exclude a transfer:

"I learned about Barcelona's interest through the press. I didn't hear anything official. I am happy to know that an important club like Barça is interested in me. But my true desire is to return to Brazil. I am not happy in Europe and I have been thinking about this for two years. I even had several talks with São Paulo president Juvenal but Roma doesn't want to release me.

As I said, I didn't hear anything and I continue working hard and giving everything for Roma. I do not have an agent, but Ricardo Sarti, a friend, is taking care of these things. I have not yet talked to him. But if Barcelona's offer is good for all parties, that would be fine for me. I am now in the final stage of the recovery from my right knee injury. I think that within twenty days to one month, I will be playing normally."

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Watch this video of Cicinho:


Anonymous said...

I give him all my respect, but this guy doesnt fit into barcas squad. First of all he is to old....second his performance isnt good in last couple of seasons and last but not least....if its true that they are asking 8 mil for him than Barca board would be crazy to sign him. Even if they are only thinking of it, but here are his performances in last few seasons.

2008/2009Roma-matches(22)goal(1)own goal(1)yellow cards(4)substituted on(6)substituted out(5)minutes per goal(1.446)minutes(1446)

2007/2008Roma-matches(30)goal(2)assists(5)yellow cards(2)substituted on(12)substituted out(3)minutes per goal(887)minutes(1774)

2006/2007Real Madrid-matches(5)substituted on(2)substituted out(2)minutes(185)

Mido said...

Thanks god I think lets go for Eboue although I dont like him but he is the best option(Grygera_Cicinho_Mattioni) what about signing Ivanovic from chelsea he may be expensivebut he can also play as a CB and his headers are superb Remmember liverpool vs chelsea in anfield but he will be expensive and his attacking quality are only like Abidal thoughts?

Athul said...

@1st comment
IMO,signing a young RB is not the way to go.

We've already got 2 promising RBs coming up from the youth academy.A young RB being bought(player who may not suit Barca's style) would mean that we'll have to look for other RBs while our own youth products(who master our style)would have left us

barca nike said...

Cicinho is a good back-up even though if he comes there will be two attacking wing-backs but he is a good replacement

barca nike said...

he look like a lot Silvinho

groga said...

At least he's honest. I also expected a lot more from him in Europe after his great performances at the Confederations Cup in 2005. His attacking style would suit Barcelona though.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell are we wasting time on such mediocre players. This is Barcelona the greatest club in the world, we should only buy the best of the best and if we cant get them, someone is not doing their job

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