Monday, 17 August 2009

Athletic coach Caparros: "It's getting complicated"

Athletic Bilbao manager Joaquín Caparrós shared his thoughts after the Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona super cup game at a press conference:

"Things are getting complicated, not only because of the result, but also because of the opponent. Barcelona keeps playing at the same level, with the same attitude, and it will be pretty difficult next weekend. But this is football and each game has to be played.

It's a shame because we were getting better as the game went on and we were able to put pressure on Barcelona at certain moments. At Barça's first goal we weren't as forceful as we should have been. Overall, I'm happy with the team's performance and attitude. We're getting into the rhythm and some people are clearly growing. It's just the result that wasn't there. Barcelona is still a magnificent team."

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Anonymous said...

lo, they are not getting complicated, they already were.

and now, messi, iniesta and ibra are back. die bilbao!

Andréssibraviquénryaya said...

Talk about being Humble :(
Every body can have an off-day, be confident just not over-confident

Anonymous said...

Will the fantastic 3 be back for the second leg?

messibarca said...


i have an idea for a nice Poll .

your favorite Barca Player
(not the best or anything else i mean favorite)

i would really like to know how Barca Fans thinks .

and i guess there sont be the descussiopn no ini better than xavi or xavi better than messi .

since its favourite player and everyone is allowed to have his own taste.

Andréssibraviquénryayalvesyol said...

The one right at the heart of my name is the most important player of the squad :)

messibarca said...

Arsene Wenger Warns: Arsenal Will Bid For Messi If Barcelona Keep Pursuing Fabregas


Areign said...

iniesta would win, thats my prediction

Leo10 said...

Pep, wondering if you could help me out, who is this lad?

Regards, Leo10

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

@ ano...

Barça played terrible.

And dont forgett Bilbao also played they first match of the new season!

So I realy hope they buy some new players, because the ones who now replaced or 'stars' werent good enough!

against a much stronger team team we lose!

Anonymous said...

I think we played well, in a difficult away game in the Basque country. The result was well deserved, so what more can we ask. It will take a miracle for Bilbao to win the supercup now, after the good performace by us in Bilbao.

Conako said...

I respect this Coach. He's working hard to improve his team and accept defeat sportingly.

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