Friday, 10 April 2009

The Points: Bayern Munich

Valdés 7__7__6__6__7,5

Alves 7__7,5__7__8__9

Piqué 8__6__7,5__10__9,5
Márquez 8__6,5__6,5__6__9
Puyol 8__9__7__7__9

Xavi 7__8__7,5__10__9
Touré 7__7,5__7,5__10__9
Iniesta 9__6,5__7,5__7__9

Messi 9__9__8,5__9__10
Eto’o 9__8,5__8__10 __9,5
Henry 9__8,5__8__8__9

Keita 6__6,5__*__6__8
Busquets 6__6,5__*__6__7
Bojan 6__*__*__*__7


If you know other papers or sites that give points, you can let me know. See previous points


JR said...

probably one of the highest averages all season

rObReV7 said...

The defenders deserved higher averages though. I was amazed when i looked at and they could give the centre backs 6 and 6.5's.

kamikaze kontiki said...

offside's ratings were the best

per said...

Agree with kontiki.

fcbee said...

mu points:

valdes 6
alves 9
pique 7
marquez 7
puyol 9
xavi 9
toure 8
iniesta 8
messi 9
eto'o 9
henry 9

ok, quite boring ratings if I look at it now... But the right ones, of course!

Anonymous said...

i dont think the ratings are in order

andyman said...

sky gives some ratings sometimes i think...

pep said...

Could you give some link to sky ratings, andyman (now or when you bump into them in the future) so i can see what and where and when? Thanks beforehand!

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