Sunday, 5 April 2009

Poll - Man of the match: Valladolid


westinho said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm Xavi's biggest fan. BUT this wasn't his game. He had a great assist, but he didn't have one of his best games otherwise. (Ofcourse he was great, but he was not real Xavi-class today)

Top 3 IMO:

1. Eto'o, always fighting like a lion, winning balls back (like he did just before he scored) and never quits. Gives 100 %.

2. Iniesta, What a player. Not one of his best games either, but that doesn't say much. His passes are like Xavi's and his dribbles are like Messi's.

3. Keita, Always working hard back and forth and is a real ballwinner. He was our strength in midfield now that Touré was gone.

These are my opinions..

JR said...

Did people not see Valdes this game? He made some incredible saves to kep that clean sheet.

Anonymous said...

90% of the people who vote are just stupid. They think that football is just about goals right? No wonder why Andrés Iniesta is so damn UNDERRATED. It's damn obvious that Iniesta was the man of the match and still some idiots vote for Eto'o because of the goal... pathjetic.

Anonymous said...

for me SILVINHO is the best think happen out of this game, he's doing great job down the left side and covering the absense of ABIDAL, i hope that he will stay another year.

Jacob said...

i hate that i have to agree with Anonymous comment, but anony1 is 100% right.

When it comes to Barcelona scoring goals - the actual goal is 10% of the equation...most all times Iniesta and Xavi contribute 50% of Barcelona/Spain's formula!!

Why WHY why they so under-rated n people so blind to see this???

Shekhu said...

yup.. completely agree with anonymous1 and Jacob. Iniesta's performance has always been underrated and virtually ignored. he is consistently amongst the top 3 players in every match of the season...both Xavi and Iniesta create goals in such a way that even Gudjohnsen can score.

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