Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Arsenal interested in Bojan

Catalan sports paper Sport claims, based upon unconfirmed English reports, that Arsenal is interested in Barcelona forward and Spanish youth international Bojan Krkic (18) (read more here).

Although the English Premier League club is aware that the Catalan striker will difficultly leave Barcelona, Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger would have put Bojan on his wish list to strengthen the club's attack in the summer.

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Anonymous said...

NO no No . you aint going no where . you staying still right here....

Anonymous said...

Wenger is always eyeing our youth.

Zealot said...

And we are always looking at their senior players. :P Titi, Sylvinho, Hleb, Gio Bronck, Petit, err who else?

But yeah I think Bojan will never leave. If they want Toure, maybe they will have some chances. Of course they will have to offer huge deal to get him.

Ramzi said...

The way the Arsenal<--->Barcelona Transfer channels usually goes, I can see us sending them Bojan (19) to get Gallas (32) in return :)

barca4life said...

LOL. Anybody know if bojan actually said he was unhappy? Cause that is the only time we really need to worry. I think rijkaard made a mistake promoting bojan so early. He played as much football at age 17 that it seems he is playing too little football at age 18(when really he is just playing the number of mins that he should for an 18 year old)

albert said...

if i am real madrid fan i desire barca to sell bojan and buy Adebayor,van persie or other hleb kinda players.

Ramzi said...

barca4life When Barcelona B (back then) Relegated from the third Division, there was no choice for the club other than promoting Bojan for the first team to keep him.

I don't think it was a big problem, he was OK last season when the team was all down. He was even close to be selected for the Spanish Euro 2008 Champions.

This season he is one of the cup goal scorers, and I think we will see him more in the following games. He will not be a gamble if he played beside Messi and eto'o/Henry upfront in a game against Malaga for example.

I am sure pep is aware that if -god forbids- henry or eto'o got injured and had to miss the month of may for example. An inform Bojan with high moral who is confident enough to take responsibilities on the field will be Vital for the club survival of the club in three competitions rotating with the key forwards and giving them the time to take a breath.

Squad depth is not a gift you get, but a structure you create.

Miguel: thebackseatstrangler said...

what up Pep!?! thanks for enabling my barca addiction you rock! super pumped i should be getting my barca training jersey in the mail today! oh yeah.

not too off topic but...i'm sure you've heard about Platini's restrictions on the transferring of minors but here's the link ;^)


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