Thursday, 9 April 2009

Quote of the day: Van Bommel

Perhaps if they only bring eight men to Munich
then we have a chance.

Mark van Bommel, Bayern Munich player


pep said...

And Franz Beckenbauer said:

"What I saw in the first half was without a doubt the worst football Bayern have played in their entire history. It was an exhibition. Almost a humiliation. Barcelona gave us a lesson in football."

Søren Mortensen said...

I surpose if that includes front office personal, coaches and medical staff, he could be right :)

I would rahter have seen Kaisers quote, considering Van Bommels action against Messi last night.

Jacob said...

I think its funny how Van Bommel was hoping that the crowd at Camp Nou would welcome him and give him warm greeting...and then he goes ahead and elbows our Superstar(messi) in the box that causes the most controversy of the night.(i was really hoping Yaya or Alves would react to the whole thing, and give Van Bommel a hard time, everytime he had the ball or came into play)(you know the way D.Alves can get under your skin so well. heh)

But they played it cool and respectfully. .....The Barca Motto!

And look at the way Van Bommel was yelling, grinding his teeth, and rolling his eyes to all his players on the pitch...great communication skill

Then you see our players look like their yelling, but of course just Puyol being his loud self, making everyone aware and not lose site of the game at hand, what a captain needs to do (even on the side lines when we were given thrown in's, players were slapping fives and congratulating each other performances, even with only 15mins gone in the 1st half)

We were working as a team and nobody was more important than anybody...when we needed to hussle - that specific player stepped up that much more to make it that much easier for the rest of the team.

Brilliant example of how Futbol should be played.
Congrats PeP.

Subramanian said...

It is ok.Van Bommel plays like that,everyone knows and this attitude won us a game against AC Milan.No big deal.MVB likes Barca and so do us Cules.

sashi said...

Van Bommel must be hoping he doesn't get humiliated again at home... :) there are loads of chances for tat to happen... they must've already be shaking in their pants to think of the possibility of losing at home to Barca!

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