Thursday, 5 March 2009

Barcelona confirms offers for Bojan

British sports site Sky Sports claims that Barcelona has confirmed that other teams have made contact with the club about Barcelona forward and Spanish youth international Bojan Krkic (18).

Despite supposed reports in Spain that Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola would be happy to let Bojan leave on loan next season, a Barcelona official insisted that nothing has yet been decided over striker's future.

Asked about Bojan being linked with several clubs, among which Tottenham, Villarreal, Paris Saint-Germain and Ajax, a club source told the site: "Bojan Krkic is a player who has a deal with Barcelona and is very much part of the squad. Nobody has decided anything about his future. Some clubs have asked about Bojan, but until the end of the season we will not even visit this subject."

The player's father meanwhile also insisted that his son wanted to continue to try and make his mark in Catalunya and is quoted by the Sky Sports as saying that he's onfident about Bojan's future at Barcelona: "We are calm because I am convinced my son will get his chance and will triumph."

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Anonymous said...

Dream on the serbian isnt that good and if he cry's in La Liga imagine in the PL?!He'd be tore apart he couldnt handle even the coca cola league down there..Over hyped and to lightweight..His style might fit the weak french league

BA said...

nice try, troll.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment above. His body is not progressing in the right way. The boy has no muscles.

Anonymous said...

terrible comments.

1. Who says hes crying? Hes friggin 18 years ..old nobody should expect him to play regularly at his age, not even he himself. So just because he doesnt play much now, doesnt mean he has to be loaned off. He trains with the best players in the world (which is worth more than playing regularly in some shitty team), and he gets playing time in the cup and in the championsleague and in selected ligue matches. This way he isnt pressured too much into having to deliver RESULTS at age 18. He builds up his skill and technique almost free of injury-risk and can learn from the likes of messi. He btw also scores in the few games he gets. SO GET OFF HIS a few years he will be a solid striker mark my words

2."His body is not progressing in the right way. The boy has no muscles." <- this has to be the most stupid comment i have read on any platform in any forum for quite a while.

So Iniesta is a Bodybuilder now? Dani Alves a Wrestler? In Barcelona you can be a great player without being very muscular. You need Skill, technique, speed. Bojan has got all that. You can compare his physicality to Messi. Being smaller and less bulky has its advantages. Think about it.

3. IF he gets loaned out, then so be it. But dont critize him with your terrible and poorly judged reasoning.

noubarca said...

Its funny that you cant even reveal your identity. why use anon? yo are ashamed of your low life. the boi is worth a million times you and worth clan put together. hate him, abuse him from now till end of days, hes way batter off you.. and the most shameful part is, he would never get to read your pathetic comments.!! lol

Anonymous said...

chill guys that anony guy is some madrid fan who has been posting tosh recently and i have a feeling that the third post by another anony is first anony himself who posted as another anony to support his case coz he knew he wouldnt get support here

and oh yea bojan is just too good just 2 years time and i see him starting regularly for barca

sashi said...

i guess we shud just ignore the comments made by anons... ppl who reallly wanna say somethin here shud atleast use a fake name or anythin... n comin back to Bojan, come on man... lets takes the best example... is Messi a guy wit muscles??? wat a silly way to comment on Bojan :) Bojan is almost like Messi's double... he has a lot more to learn from Messi but he can certainly become a player as influential as Messi....

Anonymous said...

He is no Iniesta or Alves and dear god you just compared him with Messi?!lol that is the funniest thing I read in a while thank you..

Anonymous said...

With the example of Iniesta and Alves i showed that other-non-muscular players can be successful.

And i didnt compare Bojans "Skill" to Messis, but i compared their "Physicality".

Either im being trolled here or you are plain dumb.

Radumus said...

If Barca sign Villa or a big striker next year Bojan's chances of being even a sub are very limited. With Henry, Eto'o and possibly Villa or whoever Barca will target, he should consider a loan move to another team.

doffen said...

bring him up here to celtic in scotland and let him develop in a positive way similiar to that of crosas. and before anyone laughs a short spell in the scottish league can be positive for a players physical development..

larsson.. when he first arrived at celtic park he was lightweight and easily pushed of the ball. after a season or two he became so much stronger and well the rest is history.

gattuso.. a naive teenager when he joined rangers but quickly transformed into one of the most combative players in the european game

arteta.. a total woman when he first arrived! but now after a spell in glasgow is the best player in england outside a top 4 club.

to name a few... (he still wont come though!)

AJ said...

Though I'm tempted to say I like the idea of him staying in Catalonia more, I have to say I like the idea of sending him to Celtic. Not just for the sake of playing time, but to build him and hopefully for him to gain extra qualities, like ball shielding, body contact and so on.

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