Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Van Bommel: "I watch every game of Barça"

Bayern Munich midfielder and former Barcelona player Mark van Bommel gave an interview to the club's official media.

Your team mates will have asked you all about FC Barcelona and the Camp Nou. What have you told them?
I have told them that it’s a very nice stadium, but Barça and Bayern met in the pre-season in 2006 in the Joan Gamper trophy so they know what kind of atmosphere to expect and what the club is like. Everybody knows Barça, but if they have any questions, I’ll answer them. Everything I have to say about Barça is positive.

When you hear the name FC Barcelona, what is the first thing that comes into your head?
That they play very good football, that it’s a great city and I love the people there. I lived in Barcelona for a year and it was a really nice time.

You only spent one season at Barça but you won the League and the Champions League. Would you say that was your best season ever?
I don’t know if it was my best season ever, but the team did very well and that’s what’s most important. It would be very difficult to top a season in which we won the League, the Champions League and the Spanish Super Cup.

Have you watched any FC Barcelona matched this season? What’s your opinion of the job they’re doing?
Since I left the club I’ve been watching every match at home because they play really nice football and I know a lot of the players. To be honest, I like the way they play a lot.

What do you think are Bayern Munich’s best qualities for getting through this round?
We don’t let many goals in in Europe. It’s different in the league, but in Europe we’re playing well and we’ve got great attacking players liked Ribéry down the left. I hope we can show our finest qualities, but it won’t be easy.

You have never been back to the Camp Nou since you left. What kind of reaction do you expect from the Barça fans?
I hope they’ll react nicely to me. I don’t expect any negative responses because I was only there for a year and even scored a goal against Real Madrid, so I think they’ll welcome me as a friend.

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AJ said...

boy does he really hate Madrid. Sweet

barcan said...

He is a Barca lover...we like you Bommel! But how he hates Madrid is awsome. Good luck Marc, we know that you want that Barca go through in Bayern match:)).

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