Saturday, 11 April 2009

Youth: Interview with Juvenil A coach Garcia

Barcelona Juvenil A coach Alex García gave an interview to the club's official media after winning the league title last week (read more here).

Finally you're the champions. The week before you had a first chance to win the league but this time it couldn't go wrong anymore.
It was the perfect game. The game before, it wasn't to be. It also was the right moment to celebrate it because we played at home. I think the boys deserved it to celebrate the title here, before their fans, before the people that come to see them each Sunday.

What are the strong points of your team?
I would say the enthusiasm and the ambition of this group. Besides winning their games, they have shown a lot of willingness to learn, to play well. I think they've shown that every Sunday. They at least are trying, one game things of course are going smoother than the other. But this has made them champions two games before the end of the league.

How do you feel after winning the title?
I'm very happy to see my players happy. Because I'm the one who's training and seeing them every day, in the cold, the rain and all the rest we had to go through this year. I'm very happy when I see them now because they deserve it. We've be on top of the league for almost the entire season, so I'm very satisfied to see them being all happy.

How about the rest of the season?
We'll try to celebrate this title with a dinner together with the Juvenil B players, although we don't have much time because on Thursday we're going to play a tournament in San Sebastián. When we come back, we'll celebrate it in a more relaxed way. Now they are enjoying this triumph with their families, with the people they love most, those who are living with them, who also suffer with them when they're not playing or for other reasons.

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kamikaze kontiki said...

Congrats again. May the youth players forever be the pride of FC Barcelona !

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