Saturday, 11 April 2009

Four Barcelona players could end up in England

British tabloid The Daily Telegraph claims that four Barcelona players could end up in the English Premier League next season.

Daniel Alves
Eighteen months ago the right-back was reduced to begging his then club Sevilla to let him move to Chelsea, who valued his attacking tendencies highly. Although he subsequently joined Barcelona, the Stamford Bridge connection resurfaced last month when Chelsea were said to be preparing an end-of-season bid (read more

Yaya Touré
The Ivorian, allegedly courted by both Arsenal and Manchester City, would surely be drawn to the Emirates Stadium if pushed thanks to the presence of brother Kolo. The midfield enforcer has flourished into one of the most intimidating playmakers in the world game (read more

Samuel Eto'o
Known as a disruptive loose cannon in the dying days of Frank Rijkaard's regime, the Cameroonian has experienced a revival in form this season. As such he has attracted the attentions of Liverpool in the last fortnight (read more

Thierry Henry
Still an iconic figure for the Premier League brand, thanks to 174 goals in 254 games during his eight years with Arsenal. A tentative start to his Barcelona career led to rumours of interest from Manchester City but these have since been quashed (read more

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Anonymous said...


Aussie Barca Fan said...

Lol. Yes and Messi will be going to United or Liverpool. Xavi to Chelsea. Iniesta and Puyol to Man Utd...This is just more crap from British newspapers jealous of Barca and trying to sell some papers.

noubarca said...

Xavi to Manu
Guddy to Everton
Puyol to Citeh
Messi to Citeh
Iniesta to Pool
Bojan to Spurs
Busq to Arsenal
Pep.G to Citeh (for instant result)


Amar said...

Snif...snif.. i feel so sory for english clubs.. its incredible the amount of shear bullshit the english newspapers can create per week.. if english players put that imagination in football instead of inventing crap everyday maybe they would play beautiful football.

It must hurt english clubs a lot that even with the enormous amount of money they inject in their football the result is always crap. pure crap. the "big four" or watever, they are vultures stealing other team's players. but even then the result is absolute crap football.

they do not realise that good football does not come from money or buying good players. It comes from the spirit of the club and the culture of the club.

English clubs are full if $(-)!+.. i wanna puke when i hear their name.. buerrk!!!

Amar said...

...true story guys...

Anonymous said...

It's not what the EPL clubs want, at the end of the day it is the players who decide their future. Why should any of them leave Barca for a load of old crap. The English game is kick and rush and fall on your backside when touched, hence the Yellow card for Messi. English ref's are so used to seeing CR7 on is backside that they cannot understand why any player would try not to fall over. Hope FIFA ban web from the world cup, the number of errors he made was undeliveable.

Barca 4 Ever

Albert said...

Nou Camp to Chelsea

Anonymous said...


sashi said...

i think everyone has told wat i wanted to th moment i looked at the post :)

Areign said...

similarly 17 barca players could die in the next month... the odds are about the same i'd estimate.

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