Monday, 6 April 2009

Number of the day: 0


number of fouls committed by Barcelona player Sylvinho
during league games so far this season


noubarca said...

Uncle can never be hes been really comfortable and "untested" so far. I have been happy with his shots and crosses.. VETERAN!!!

ekar said...

he's got the best long shot in our team. Keita's arent often on target and yaya doesnt shoot much...

AJ said...

Sylvi plays as if Pep said "You're out there just to show your face, play as youu please".

He rarely goes into tackles these days and shoots as hard and whenever he wants.. Pep's team seems like they want to walk the ball into the goal..

Anonymous said...

"ekar" - agree woth you. keita is the best on shoting in birds :))

FCB-Fitz said...

That really is an incredible number for a defender, especially one who supposedly doesn't have youthful legs anymore. You would expect him to have to resort to the occasional professional foul every now and again. I must admit, I was very nervous when Abidal got injured, but I've been very impressed with Sylvinho so far. I hope he puts in another strong display on Wednesday!

peter said...

Sylvinho has been great 95% of the time, actually more impressive than i have been with abidal. He hasn't lacked much in defense and he contributes well if the offense with his overlapping runs on the side.

I would love to see him another season, he has surely proven good enough and he has got heart for the team.

Its soooo fun that he is just three years younger than Pep.

Fred_FCB said...

I rest my case. This entire season, I've been pushing for a renewal. Guys like Sylvinho, who work hard, have the experience, know the feel. These are the guys we NEED to keep. Players like Puyol! The hard workers.

People call out for players like Zirkhov. Sure, he is young, a talent. But the thing is we need the experience. Lets not rush it!

Just look at ManU. Giggs? Scholes, anyone?

I know it sounds cheesy but the "This is Barca!!" comes to mind. We need personality players. Keep Sylvinho on the payroll 1 more year, to break in his replacement.

pep said...

I forgot to add that he took part in nine league games (six as starter) and played over 550 minutes.

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