Monday, 6 April 2009

Manchester City planning summer bid for Eto'o

British tabloid Mail on Sunday claims that Manchester City is considering an offer for Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) (read more here).

The English Premier League club would want to make Barcelona a bid of 22 million euro° for the striker whose contract expires in 2010, while they would offer Eto'o a year salary of around 7 million euro.

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Liverpool would also have been interested in Eto'o but would not be planning a bid this summer because they cannot afford to pay a transfer fee and the player's salary of 7,5 million euro a year.

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pep said...

22 million euro =

30 million us dollar
20 million british pound

skanjos said...

we got 20m from milan for fitless ronaldinho, they think they can get the european golden boot winner of 2009 with 22m?i think they can give 40m and we will give them eto + henry,thats a good deal i think

jordy said...

40 m and you've got eto'o.
henry not for less than 20!
you can hardly find a substitute and they already paid 40 for robinho who has a bad attitude!

Etsp said...

They swim in cash, give us 250 for Eto'o and 170 for Henry and we have a deal.

Anonymous said...

sell eto'o 20m

buy van persie 30m

totally nonsense...

SimonP said...

What you're all forgetting is that Eto'o is coming to age, he's style of play is very demanding and it's not likely that he will perform on this level for very long, I give him 2 years tops.

Most important, he only have 1 year left on his contract, I think 20 would be pretty fair but considering it's City we should get maybe 30.

Per said...

30M and we just might have a deal.

peter said...

I want to keep Etoo for another season. but if he wants to leave for another major club (i guess he doesnt want to return to mallorca in another 3-4 years) we should get around 40m for him. No less.

Jacob said...

We need to stop thinking about old, cocky, and outrageous prices for some of these players who demand so much and distract so much focus from the game....its disgusting how much some of these players and then to see how much they really worth on/off the pitch....never is the same.

Lets start looking at some young talent...

...heard of Edin Džeko. 86'

Been watching him this whole month.

Since the new year he has 8 goals in 7 matches in BundesLiga.

Has 24 goals in 33 matches. Scored two superb goals this weekend and killed Bayern Munich defense!

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