Friday, 10 April 2009

Barça Classic: Barcelona-Inter Milan (february 2003)

Uploaded by odn-barca4life


firsttimeposter said...

watching the last goal I said to myself:
"mhm, saviola will go for the goal himself, there is noway he can pass to kluivert, thou it would be cool"

the rest is seen in the video... :)

Harshawardhan said...

hey pep or barca4life,
next time u post a video, can u write the scoreline and the name of the scorers as a comment for us slow net users for whom the video takes a while to stream..
it wud be great if u do that.
thanks a lot.

Shaim said...

When you watch that you realize how fast life is. I remember watching and monitoring Barca's progress in that champs league season, the records they broke. i can hardly believe it was 6 (!) years ago, my memories are still so fresh, and i was really young and hoping that someday barca's lasting misfortunes would eventually end someday (which would take 2 more years). it wasn't a good season for Barca, but it's good memories.

barca4life said...

I was considering doing something like that harsha, but 1. pep has final say in all decisions, so i would have to run it by him first and 2. Not all of the games I have the names of the scorers for. This one i do, but some of the older matches like the 8-1 a couple weeks ago i couldnt find a record of the scorers. I'll try to see what i can do though.

pep said...

We'll see if we have somemore info and add it in the future, Harshawardhan. Thanks for the suggestion!

Harshawardhan said...

thanks guys!

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