Monday, 6 April 2009

Barcelona preparing bid for Van Persie

Two British tabloids claimed yesterday that Barcelona is preparing a bid for Arsenal winger and Dutch international Robin van Persie (25), who is postponing signing a contract renewal and wants his club to be more competitive (read more here).

While The Daily Mirror claims that Barcelona plans to make a bid of 33 million euro° for the Dutch wing attacker whose contract expires in the summer of 2010, The People claims the bid will be exactly half of that: 16,5 million euro°.

Asked about his contract situation, Van Persie said last week in an interview with Uefa's Champions Magazine that he is happy with the terms on offer but that he's not yet sure if Arsenal is the right club for him in the long term: "Financially Arsenal's last offer is fine, but that isn't everything for me. It's about my ambitions and how they can be fulfilled. In the last four years I've only won one prize, the FA Cup, and that is too little. I want to push through to achieve more.

In Spanish papers there are so many names mentioned and I haven’t heard anything concrete from Barcelona. I can’t do anything about those rumours. I'm still in negotiations with Arsenal, and it's going well, in a very positive atmosphere. There are further meetings planned. The club and I want the same, and it's our intention to achieve that. We have all the other factors in place: fantastic stadium, dedicated support and money in the bank. Now it's about making that final push. I certainly feel I can play an important role in taking Arsenal to a higher level.

I believe the wild days are behind you when you reach 25. From this age on, you should be reaping the rewards of what you've learned. After seven years in professional football, I now have what I need to go further. I've heard and seen enough - it's as if I've crossed a barrier. I see players between 25 and 30 having their best years. In a certain sense, it feels like a voyage of discovery - and I feel I'm where I want to be as a footballer. This also applies to physical development. Now, I can play out matches a lot easier."

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pep said...

33 million euro =

45 million us dollar
30 million british pound

16,5 million euro =

22 million us dollar
15 million british pound

barcan said...

Just not him...please! Anybody else... Not bad skills but personality...

SimonP said...

33 million when he just have 1 year left is crazy. If he only would cost 16.5 then it would be a great transfer.

Messi108 said...

WHY ??

Time and time again if we've learnt one thing , then itz the fact that Arsenal players don't fit in well at Barca.
Take a look at Hleb . Great a player that he is , hez become baddus.
Van Persie will fail at Barca Big time !
Mark my words.

barca4life said...

werent van bronkhorst, sylvinho, overmars and henry all from arsenal and didnt they all do pretty well?

noubarca said...

Where is he gonna play from? He is left footed and we need a right footer on the left. We play 4-3-3. So, we need him to cut in from the left and shot at goal. If we buy him nd he plays on the left, he can only cross the ball into the box, but to who? thats not our style. He is a good player but not who we need. Get Ribery and by the way, did u guys see the back-heel scored against Bayern on Sat? Inieta and Messi must be licking their

FCBFan said...

Silva and Ribery ?

309 said...

I hope this not coming true

KluivertsBoots said...

I call BS on the oh-so-reliable Brit tabloids. He's not worth a euro over 16 mil in my opinion. He can't stay healthy long enough.

He has immense skill, but seems like the wrong player for Barca due to his attitude and health issues. I can't see us going back to Arsenal after how long it took Henry to adapt and also the difficulties with Hleb.

I have to think RVP is pretty far down the actual list of candidates, if such a list is even formulated already.

Anonymous said...

plz not, he's good but not for barca, keeping eto'o is a better option and buy a striker that can score with his head and strong in the air (Ilorente) will be good for as..

OLALEKAN said...

it can never be true.he is never a good guy to me,both skill and personalities.pls dont ever go for him.

Dan R said...

The amount of rubbish people are saying.
Did you even read what he said?!
Mr Van Persie is not the same man he was 4 years ago.


I believe the wild days are behind you when you reach 25. From this age on, you should be reaping the rewards of what you've learned.

He is married, settled, doesn't talk crap to journalists and doesn't party all night long.

Not only he has matured immensely, his skills are undeniable, and i still regard him as the most talented dutch footballer nowadays.

While i agree with the fitness issue of him, i don't think it's all because of him, but rather a lacking treatment (Arsenal players seem prone to injuries)... Robben was the same until someone decided to stop it and now he is playing like 5 months without injuries.

For 16.5 RVP is a frikin' bargain!
a fast strong technical winger that can play both sides and as a forward with a killer shot and goalscoring abilities?! how could you not want him?

Sorry for the scroll but I got sick of the trash people talk each time a RVP link comes up...

kamikaze kontiki said...

16.5 + medical bills for a player who will play no more than 10 matches in a season ? I think not.

Agus said...

I dont know if u guys have noticed but this guy is better than ribery an silva an can not only play on the left but as a striker too an can also be our free kick taker which we dont actually have whos left foot is a cannon

LW Liist in order-1 van persie 2 ribery 3 silva an thats it nobody else

hawk_barca_4_life said...

well atleast i can says he is good has skill and sme great power shots.......but he is injury prone ...and also if u look how many times he fubbles in d area and misses so many chances if does that at barca he would look just a ordinary player...and plzz dont count him 4 free kicks look how many freekicks he takes and how many he scores he just bangs them above the post ..!
only adv he has that he can act like a second striker like henry since he too likes to drift to left side like he can play the same role as titi going to center when reqd

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Three simple words: WASTE OF MONEY!

per said...


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