Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Pedro: "If the coach needs me, I will be ready"

Barcelona player Pedro gave an interview to Tenerife local newspaper La Opinión de Tenerife.

What did the starting spot on Saturday mean to you?
It was great news for me. I’m very happy that I have been able to play again and because the coach has put his trust in me, but I was happier for the team than for myself. It was an important game, we needed the points and we won.

And you played a good game.
Well, yes. I added what I could. I always analyze my own performance to see where I can improve and during the game on Saturday, I maybe missed some depth and some sharpness to finish better. I had a good chance to score but Asenjo stopped the ball well. My time will come.

What did Guardiola tell you before the game?
Nothing special. That I should go out there relaxed and that I should play like I can. I think the coach knows me well, he knows who I am and what I can contribute. That’s the main thing for me, that he makes me feel important and that he continues to believe in me.

When did you know that you would play?
Only on Saturday. Although you always work to have minutes, the truth is I didn’t know anything about it before the day of the match.

You were starting to lose hope after all those weeks without playing time?
No, not at all. I know where I am and how difficult it is to find a place in this team. If I keep on working, the chances will come.

People from Barcelona told us that your attitude has been exemplary, also when you again had to play with the second team.
When I’m playing with the second team, I also try to grab the chances as good as possible. It’s a good thing for me that I can play with them when I can’t be with the first team. It’s also a nice group of players, things are going well, we’re competing with the best in the league.

You could be part of a team that makes history since you’re still competing for the three trophies.
Yes, that’s right. Time goes by and we’re still there in all the competitions. Things have gone well so far so it’s clear what we have to do: go on like this and not change things. We’ll soon know what our goal can be because the important games are coming up. But it’s clear that we should stay calm. We didn’t win anything yet.

It looks like you’re going to have more chances with all mid-week games that are coming up.
I don’t know. I already mentioned that the competition is fierce and that it’s difficult to play. Let’s hope it will be the case. If the coach thinks I should play, I will be ready.

Whatever happens, you will have had a great season.
Yes, I cannot complain. It’s a privilege to be here but that doesn’t mean one can relax. On the contrary. What counts is to work and learn every day, like I’m trying to do. But you’re right: because of everything what is happening to me, the season will be good for sure.

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KluivertsBoots said...

I'm really impressed with his attitude and qualities. He can be a good player. This is why Guardiola's hire has proven a masterstroke. The Barca academy is back online.

Barca nerd-fan said...

I really hope he can get more minutes. He played great against Valladolid, confident on the ball, always looking to take on players. So we should screw the idea of buying a new left winger, we have Pedro, Jeffren and Gai who looks very very promising. I think Summer transfer should only be Asenjo and Santon. Also, we don't need Cesc back, we have Busquets, Thiago and Crosas soon!

FCBarca said...

Yep, great kid, right?

I've been really impressed with him and Jeffren since the preseason tour...I had high hopes for them this season but, alas, it wasn't to be I guess...Hopefully this upcoming season...They're too good to simply be on Barca B.

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