Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Medical: Green light for Toure

Barcelona player Yaya Toure (25) has received earlier today the green light from Barcelona's medical staff and will be available for the Champions League game against Bayern Munich tomorrow.

The Ivorian midfielder tore an adductor muscle in his left thigh during the league game against Málaga on Sunday 22 March and was then expected to be out for two weeks (read more

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FCBFan said...


jordy said...

let's do that.
And renew him too!

I don't like the newsreports about selling yaya!

Mihawk said...

It's good that he's back, but I think Busquets should start tomorrow. It seems as Toure wasn't fit enough to be part of the squad against Valladolid, so I don't think that he's at 100% only a few days later.
Busquets did well and he's at 100%, so he should be the starter. We don't have to take any risks right now.

Messi108 said...

The BEAST is Back !!

Messi108 said...

Starting with Busquets imo is a very bad idea.
Bayern hav a great attack trio upfront and we cannot risk losing the ball midfield. Toure MUST play tomo. Itz the best chance we have !

fcbee said...

Look at that pic, he's clearly losing in the "rondo" game and the others are laughing with him :) He'll be looking for revenge tomorrow...

Mihawk said...

First: I don't think Busquets is weaker in defence than Toure, atleast not by far.

Second: Bayern doesn't have an offensive player in the middle. The offensive ones, most notable Ribery, play on the wings. In the center they've got two defensive orientated players, van Bommel and Ze Roberto.

Busquets has better technique and passing skills than Toure in my opinion, and that's what we need tomorrow, 'cause Xavi and Iniesta will be facing two defensive midfielders. We are more dangerous with another player like Xavi or Iniesta on the pitch, and Busquets is the one who fullfills that best.
Plus, we play at home, so we can expect, that Bayern will play even more defensive tomorrow.

Jnice said...

There is no way Busquets is a better passer than Yaya nor is he better at keeping posession. Our best 11 is with Yaya out there and I hope he is Wednesday.

Gersonworld said...

I don't think Busquets is better than Yaya at all, this is a big game and we must put in the best and between the two Yaya surely comes out tops.

rObReV7 said...

Haha, Every Barca fan knows he's a BEAST! Underratted outside Barcelona really. He is soo goood, but his height makes him look like he shouldn't be!

Anonymous said...

haha i can't stop laughing at that guy, who said that busquet is a better passer than toure.

Toure is better in everything, busquet will never be as good as toure.

Vj said...

Good going by the medical team.. They got him back 'before zee Germans got here'.. only if Abidal makes it back..

jester[HUN] said...

Welcome back Toure
The TOWER of POWER is back
yeah renew the contract of THE BEAST!

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