Thursday, 9 April 2009

Barcelona appeals Messi and Guardiola sanctions

Barcelona has today officially announced that the club’s legal department will appeal today against the yellow card handed to Messi and the expulsion of Pep Guardiola from the bench after Messi got tackled in the penalty area during the fist half of the Champions League match against Bayern Munich yesterday.

Due to the Easter holidays, the UEFA will probably not be able to rule on these issues until next Tuesday, the day of the return leg in Munich.

pep's opinion:
i think they're just going for the revokal of messi's yellow card. guardiola will have to watch at least one more game from the stands and they know that. although it was justified, it was over the line. and again: why aren't video images allowed? there's just no logical explanation for it.

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voonte said...

Although I understand Guardiola's reaction, he went too far. The initial complaints to the ref would have been enough. It was a crucial moment of the game. I can't see how this card won't be revoked.

I hope UEFA will take an extra look at the ref. If you book someone for diving it has to be a very clear dive. The second tackle was the most disgusting part. You can clearly see the ref standing in front of the elbow-tackle-incident by Bommel and letting it pass.

In the end, I was truly impressed by the performance and how little the incident affected the team.

djoef said...

Agreed with your last phrase. You see a lot that this kind of little incidents turn a game around but the team very quickly found the rhythm again.

Anonymous said...

Pep reaction was the only defect in the stunning show last night. It raise some concerns and its direct impact was that the team lost its momentum for about 15 minutes at the time where Bayern were down on their knees.

Hope it will be an added experience for pep. But it ruins no towers in the amazing job he did so far for this team.

Made us sing the anthems of pride last night!


kamikaze kontiki said...

I loved the way Pep reacted. Its great to seem him so involved. Having said that the red card was probably justified and unlikely to be revoked.

Video images, I am not sure. For one, it would detract from the ref's authority on the pitch. Additionally if each player were to ask for a video replay it would waste a lot of time.

Shaim said...

I strongly disagree with you kamikaze. The head coach, especially of such a great club as Barca, always has to control his emotions. It has nothing to do with his personal emotional involvent into the game. It was only going to aggrandize the atmosphere on the pitch and increase psychological tension of his players when it was all clearly unnecessary since everything was going smoothly as planned. Just recall what happened against espanol when some players seemed to have lost their calmness for a while.

pep said...

"For one, it would detract from the ref's authority on the pitch."

I think a ref who makes mistakes has a far bigger authority problem.

"Additionally if each player were to ask for a video replay it would waste a lot of time."

You should have rules on what and when to avoid abuses. By the way, protesting players or coaches also waste a lot of time like we've seen yesterday... ;)

Louis said...

it's only human that a ref makes mistakes... I know a video system would bring lots of advantages but somehow I wouldn't want it either, it doesn't fit football... bad refs are part of the game

kamikaze kontiki said...

You are right of course, Shaim. I wouldn't want it to happen again and I don't think it will either.

I couldn't help but admit though that the images of Pep gesticulating as wildly as I was in front of my t.v screen excited me.

umessi10 said...

I too loved the way Pep reacted.That's passion...That's Catalan Blood flowing.

So what if he's th coach ?
The Ref should give clear decisions and when it affets a player it affets the whole team. Pep did the right thing. Defending for Messi is a priority as without him we lose a major piece o gear in our Barca engine.
I doubt if Pep's red will be revoked but messi's Yellow to be revoked is a MUST.

Anonymous said...

well, I am against the video use too, I think the explanation that is being given by Michael Platini; is that football should be played in the different places in the world in the same manner as possibly as it could be, because you can imagine a player like eto' coming from Africa, trying to adopt the game in Europe, after the technological advantages in Europe are being installed, and the same with south America, and imagine the mess in the world cup when teams from all the continents are competing together.
I have seen both worse decision and worth reactions, and the English referring is at a very low level indeed, this webb is not by any mean the worst referee there, just check the last world cup, the famous 3 yellow cards incident..

barcaaaaa said...

As much as I love Pep.. I do think that he should know better.. To protest and be angry is fine but to lose temper that result losing his stand is not wise at all.. This is football and thing happen.. We all angry with unjustified event but he should not lost his temper like that. Because the team need him.. He should look at a bigger picture. It is sad to watch him from the sideline and not yelling at players as he often do..

Bottom line: He should know better..

Byronic said...

I for one LOVED pep's reaction, he is generally quite held together but the combination of the lack of a penalty call and a yellow for diving would have put me over the top as well. I think it shows how much he is part of the team, I really do not think that his professionalism comes into question at all. If I'm out on the pitch fighting for Barca and trying to do everything to win, I would want my coach to back me up in all my actions as well. Pep's outburst in my opinion showed exactly that.

... added to that the ref's further incompetence was shown when van bommel clearly elbowed/body checked Messi later in the game.

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