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Alves: "I like to compete with the best"

Barcelona player Daniel Alves gave an interview to Spanish sports weekly paper Don Balón.

Do you notice that the supporters are uneasy with Real Madrid only six points away? What would you tell them?
There's no need to stress before any possible disappointment because that's worse than anything. We're privileged to be in a good position and I'd be sure to win the league with three points advantage because the title is worth the same if it's won with twelve points advantage or three. We're not trying to annoy the opposing fans, but we don't care. The players know that we need to work hard until the end if we want to win.

According to you, what was the cause of the bad streak you had in the end of February?
It's hard to maintain the same level in three competitions, but we're happy that the bad streak happened when it needed to, in February and not now during the most important matches of the season.

Do you think that Real Madrid will win every match they have left?
If they're able to last a streak of 20 matches being undefeated and winning everything that is left, then let's stop thinking and lets get to work. Regardless, we also will try to win everything so if they win everything that's left, then things will still be how they are.

Let's talk about the Champions League, are you happy with the fixture in the quarter finals against Bayern or do you prefer a simpler rival?
To win the Champions League you need to defeat the best. There will be a moment when you can't be picking, because there won't be any easy teams.

Klose will miss the round from injury, Luca Toni is a doubt and it'll be your duty to handle the nastiest opponent, Franck Ribery...
We shouldn't think of who won't be playing, but of Bayern as a whole. As for Ribery, he's obviously a player with qualities that's fast and agile, so I'll have to play with an eye on him. But I like to compete with the best.

Is it a disadvantage to play the second leg away?
Experience teaches you that sometimes when you wanted to play the return leg at home they eliminate you and when you played it away you go through. Winning at home is an advantage, but what's important is how you do in the second leg. So I don't know which is best.

Tell me your dreams in the world of football...
It's easy. In terms of clubs, winning the League and the Champions League. And in terms of national teams, with Brazil, the World Cup. If I can get any other trophy on the way, then the better (laughs).

How do you see Brazil on the verge of South Africa 2010? Do you put Spain within the main rivals?
Spain is the champion of Europe so you must put them within the favorites. With Brazil, it's a bit of the same. They're always within the favorites, but you can't always think like that or else you'll end up going home sooner than expected. What's important is getting to the World Cup and then what must happen will happen.

Do you expect a final with Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta and friends in the opposing team?
It'll be something special. Hopefully something like that will happen because we would enjoy that day with a spectacular match.

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