Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Serbian left back Obradovic scouted

Serbian newssite Mondo claims that Barcelona is interested in Partizan Belgrade left back defender and Serbian international Ivan Obradovic (20).

Obradovic would last week have been scouted by Barcelona during the internacional game between Romania and Serbia. A positive scouting report would have been drawn up and Barcelona would now be considering to make a bid in the summer.

Juventus and Werder Bremen are also said to be interested in the player. Catalan sports paper Sport claims that the transfer fee asked for Obradovic would be around 2,5 million euro°.

Asked about the rumours linking him with Barcelona, Obradovich is quoted by Serbian radio station B92 as saying that he will almost certainly leave et the end of the season: “I could already have left during the winter transfer period but despite interesting offers I asked to stay and I’m glad the club officials accepted that. Now I’m prepared to go and it’s ninety per cent sure that I will leave this summer.”

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Watch a video of Obradovich here:


pep said...

2,5 million euro =

3,3 million us dollar
2,3 million british pound

DC86 said...

I am from Serbia, and I can confirm the roumour. He is promising attacking minded left full-back, and very consistant. Solid defensively.Also 2,5 M would be enough. Maybe 3M :)

skanjos said...

i dont know the lad,and this video doesnt say much about his left back ability.

too young and inexpierienced for a team like barcelona

LéonDrágon said...

...i'm not really sure if i like barca's blair vic project...

Anonymous said...

The Balkans are a cradle for talented players who just have to be grinded. Of course, not everybody's good, but think about players like Vidic nowdays.

Manolo said...

Well, maybe to inexpierienced and to young but as a reserv for Abidal, maybe.

Let him play in CdR matches and some smaller.

In the bigger ones,IF Aibdal are out for injury we have Puyol.

And Pique,Cáceres,Milito (?),Marquez and Henrique (?) as centrebacks..

We should buy him and Asenjo, they are both very cheap!
Why splash out a 30 m euro for Evra?

Save to money and then go for Ribery.

Henry said...

No, No,... He's not for Barça.

ninzy said...

its good that we're scouting out talents not from the usual places. known players are a lot of times overrated anyway.

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