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Alves: "On the field I sometimes go overboard"

Barcelona player Daniel Alves gave an interview to Spanish sports weekly paper Don Balón.

When was the first time you kicked a ball?
It was a long time ago, but I remember it because a ball basically represents life in Brazil. My father gave it to me and I was barely two years old. I remember it as a great joy, especially after all the hardships we were going through. A ball is therefore an important gift.

Your father, Domingos, then made you take the first step as a player...
My father played well and everybody wanted him on their team, but he only did well in the amateur levels. His wish was to have a footballer son and he first tried with my brother and then with me. Thank God that I could fulfill his dream.

And did he hope for a forward or the "best wing-back in the world" as Joan Laporta says?
In Brazil every father wants their son to be a center forward that scores goals. I also started like that, but as time passed I would lower positions down the field.

In your first years at Sevilla you would play as right center-back. Would you like to further up your position or are you a wing defender?
I'm always at the orders of the coach, but it's been a while since I found my ideal spot and that's as a right-back. In addition, I always looked up to Cafu.

In your case, is Dani Alves the same person both on and off the pitch?
They are separate. They are two completely different people. Outside of the pitch you'll recognize me because I'm a relaxed person and on the field I sometimes go overboard, but it's because I play my football with much intensity and with hope to enjoy and win.

Well, you don't have too many friends on the pitch...
It's true that we get a bit riled up on the pitch (laughs), but it's because you can't think about friends when you're competing. All in all, I'm one of those that clearly knows that what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch. No need to take the disputes outside it.

What do you do to keep the same rhythm during the 90 minutes? What you do isn't normal...
It's also surprising to me, but I think that it's because of what I had to do to get here. I know that the key is to have a high level of concentration and will.

What memories do you have from your first professional team in Brazil, Bahia?
Without Bahia, Dani Alves wouldn't have existed in the football world. I debuted there at 18 years old, and it opened doors to the youth teams of Brazil. And at the same time it put me in front of the European scouts.

Do you remember the first time that they told you about the possibility to go to Spain and sign for Sevilla?
What I remember is that I immediately began to learn things about the club and the city. Fortunately, the signing was confirmed and today I can say that is was a prize to sign for Sevilla.

I don't think that in your greatest dreams you would imagine being a part of the most glorious era in the club's hundred years...
When I arrived at Sevilla, the club was fighting to stay in the league. Back then they weren't one of the "greats", but after a good era they began to sign great players and we all lived through the most golden era of this great club.

Who was the best player that you worked with at Sevilla? An ex-teammate that should sign for Barca?
Hopefully I'm not being biased because he's my friend, but a great player that I identify with is Luis Fabiano. He connected well with many passes and crosses of mine. If I could work with him again at a club it would be great.

Have you forgiven president Del Nido for taking so long to let you leave Sevilla?
I don't have to forgive Del Nido for anything. He was doing his job and keeping the club's best interests in mind. It's true that he lost respect sometimes, but today we keep a courteous relationship and I hope to keep it like that because I admire what he has done with Sevilla.

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This was the first part of the interview, you will be able to read the following parts here in the coming days.

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One of my favourite players and in my opinion the best signing we made last summer.

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