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Alves: "I miss Xavi and Iniesta during Brazil games"

Barcelona player Daniel Alves gave an interview to Spanish sports weekly paper Don Balón.

How did you feel when it was certain that you would be a Barcelona player?
It was a great feeling because it was already three years that I spent trying to leave to a "big" club and I wasn't able to. And when all that was needed was my signature, I still couldn't believe it. I only know that it was one of the most important decisions of my life and it was very correct.

Have you found many differences between Sevilla and Barcelona?
They're special cities and each one has their qualities. What I liked most about Sevilla was the care that the people would give you. In that aspect, it reminds me of Brazil. In return, what I like about Barcelona is that people are very sincere. If they're your friends, they're truly your friends. If they tell you something it's because they think it.

Sport wise, which team is better: the Sevilla that won five titles or the spectacular Barca of Guardiola?
Barca because of its quality and the big name players. Regardless, it's clear that we're still just starting. You can't argue against numbers, which is why you need to give time to this Barca and then you can finally make comparisons.

Would you agree that Barca is potentially the best team in the world right now?
In terms of players, there is no doubt. And also, because of difference. Many of the players are number one at their spots.

And is Messi the number one in the world?
To me, yes. Messi is the best in the world, but it's true that this condition must be shown with titles. That's why I think that's why picking Cristiano Ronaldo as the best in 2008 was deserved. Anyway, I'm sure that the recognition for Messi will happen soon because he's an impressive player.

Your connection with the Argentine on the right wing is quite something...
At Sevilla I already had a good partner in Jesus Navas, but even though he's a great player, we're talking about a player that still hasn't matured. With Messi, it's different. He's very mature, maybe because he debuted very young or because he's been playing important matches with the national team since young. Also, I repeat, he's the number one player in the world and it's easy to understand.

And leaving Messi aside, which player has surprised you?
I have to mention two players for making the sport simple and efficient. They're Xavi and Iniesta. I assure you that it's different when you're not working with them. Iniesta has great control of the ball and fantastic foot skills and Xavi is simply the ball's love. If you train with them you see that they're really spectacular. I miss them during qualification matches. To me, they're two important pieces to this team.

What can you tell me about Guardiola, your coach?
You can tell that the coach was once a player. He's an intelligent person, with a strong sense of conviction, and even if you need to gain his respect, he's another member of the group.

On a personal level, with who have you gotten along with the most this year?
I've always gotten along with everybody, but I probably have a better connection with Messi, Sylvinho, Pinto and Martin Caceres.

You recently said, about the rumors from Madrid, that if Messi or Iniesta went to Real Madrid it would be foolish. Can you explain that?
I think that these players will never leave Barca because of the respect they have for the club, and for the love they have for them. A player wants to be happy, feel wanted and play in a big team. They have it all, so why change it? And we're not talking about recent signings either, but about youth products who have built their life around Barcelona.

It's that simple to think?
Well, you can never say never in football. It's like that today and tomorrow you never know. Maybe it'll be the club that wants to transfer them. I always say that there are always other options than a main rival. I'll never play at Betis. If it were my last option, I would return to Brazil.

You've already told me that you'd never play for Betis. So you would also never play for Madrid?
No. There was a time that I had the chance to go to that club and it wasn't possible. It's past history and now I'm happy at Barcelona.

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