Sunday, 16 August 2009

Ribery confirms Barcelona interest

Speaking to French television channel TF1, Bayern Munich attacker and French international Franck Ribéry (26) has confirmed that Barcelona is among the clubs that have shown interest in him this summer but has said that he will stay with Bayern this summer:

"I first want to make clear that I have never said that I wanted to leave for Real Madrid. If I would have wanted to leave, I would have announced that. That's why this bothers me, because I have never spoken in public.

Now, I cannot withold clubs from making offers. And it wasn't only Real Madrid. There was also Barcelona, Manchester United and Chelsea. What I can say to them is that today I'm still at Bayern and the doors are really closed now. The club leaders really want me to stay."

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ej said...

hmmm ribery is really funny guy.

just to show you some of his acts last month:

in germany the car shilds are build like this :

AB -- CD -- ####

AB are the letters where the car is regestistered for example :

WI Wiesbaden
H for Hamburg
B Bayern

CD are 2 random letters that if you pay 20 euro you can use letters you like Firstname Last name ...

and #### are random numbers.

so this summer Ribery changed the symbol of his car to

B -->RM<-- xxxx

so he was obviously showing he want to go to RM ...

Anonymous said...

Ribery is being brain-washed by Zidane who has a big influence on him and other French players . I personally don't want him to come to Barça . he is a good player but he is very poor scorer(7 goals a season). He can't head the ball . He has no left foot and he can't play defense . He is physically weak . He is NOT a game changer or a big impact player !!

Anonymous said...

@ej: Tahts wrong!! Riberys plays for Bayern München ( the town's name is munich ;) ), and the first letter for munich is M. So his car shield shows proberbly: M -- RM -- XXXX

ha ha haaaa ;D

Anonymous said...

zidane has huge influence especially in french moslem players sine he is a symbol there and best moslem player ever.

the sad side is , that he sell himself to Perez , i dont mean his soccer skills or advice or blabla he obviously selled hi influence to perez.
Perez didnt really need zidan for any advice or bullshit , perez only looks at some ranki9ng list of top players and try to get the ones who sell most shirts thats it.


Anonymous said...

@ej: And for Hamburg there is the symbol HH, not H. ;)

ej said...

you are right dude sry.

i just saw his car last month in tv ...

Anonymous said...

@ej: ehm, btw, sry for my bad english :D

ej said...

The Car symbol of ribery :


M München

RM where he wanr to be

47 dont know ??(maybe his luck number)

07 his shirt number

TengkuAmir10 said...

47 might be his mom's or dad's or grand's birthyear.

Anonymous said...

Sad that zidane or ribery's religion should have anything to say. religion should be a personal matter. So Messi is christian and should convince christian players to join us? That is funny. Religion should be left out of it, and if Zidane uses religion as a way to convince people to join, then he should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

Ribery coming to Barca would be ideal solution for the left wing. In my opinion he was the second best player last season

ej said...

anon .

i didnt say zidane use religion , but its in fact something normal if you are moslem that you admire the best moslem player ever.

messi is christian but this is different since christian people are used to have best player of the year etc.

i dont say anything bad about it.

ej said...

By the way the whole story about the Car Symbol is not true :

"In den Jahren, wo man als Meister in die neue Saison geht, haben die Autos die Kennzeichen M - DM..., also für Deutscher Meister."

In the years where BM are Meister they drive cars with M or DM Meister or germn Meister

"In den Jahren, wo es leider nicht geklappt hat, fährt man die Autos mit den Kennzeichen M - RM..., also für Rekordmeister

In the years where they doenst win they drive RM Record Meister (they won the league more than any other german team)

Anonymous said...

ej: All I am saying is that religion shouldn't have anything to do with it. This group thinking into muslims and non-muslims isn't helping the world come together, it is segregating. And Zidane shouldn't try to capitalize on this. That's all.

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