Sunday 16 August 2009

Guardiola stoical about summer transfers

Asked about the rest of the summer transfer window, Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has said at a press conference that he will just wait and see what will happen:

"It's what it is, I don't have problems with how things are. The market is still open and there are people at the club who are working on this. I'm taking care of other things, and in fifteen days we will know which squad we will have at our disposal.

I don't know if there will be more transfers. Everything will depend on the names that they will propose to me. We won't sign someone just to fill the squad."

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Anonymous said...

Arda scored AGAIN yesterday

skanjos said...

that seems to me like pep is saying "i dont know about the transfer txiki takes care of those ask him,i will work with whatever i have"

barca4life said...

Well if Pep is happy with how things are lets go with the youth teams guys throw two middle fingers up at the clubs that dont want to sell and lets go. Time for another season. Barca FTW

Anonymous said...

If its up to Txixi, nothing is going to happen. Talk about incompetence

Anonymous said...

Buzz is, that all the drama by Laporta involving Cesc was just for himself to acquire a pre-agreement with him before the Rosell guy... But Txiki amidst all this, has nevertheless been working to try & sign other reinforcements silently. Pep's statement yesterday is being cited as the proof for this :)

BTW, has any one of you see the affection Galatasaray fans showed for Arda after he ascored from a corner yesterday. Man, he's a Messi(Prince) of Galatasaray & I seriously doubt we would be able to sign him this year. But I hope we do :)

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