Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Guardiola Only Wants "Cracks"

Catalan paper Sport is reporting that FC Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola insists that the team only try to acquire top quality players to fill out its roster and that it not sign mid-level bench-warmers.

In the case that no such star players are available for transfer, the former Barca captain and youth product would prefer to rely on the team's current crop of development players rather than try to incorporate older mediocre substitutes.

In line with this thinking,
Sport claims that Guardiola has reported to club management that the only two players he is interested in adding to his team are Catalan midfielder Cesc Fabregas and Ukranian defender Dmytrio Chygrynskiy. However, in recent weeks it has become increasingly less likely that either player will don the blue and red this coming season.

In fact, the chances of Chygrynskiy joining Barcelona have already taken a huge hit, as the star defender has apeared for Shaktar Donetsk in the Champions League and thus cannot play in the tournament for Barcelona this year. Cesc may follow suit shortly, as he will likely take the field for Arsenal in their upcoming match against Celtic later today. If he does, and if
Sport is correct as to Guardiola's intentions, then the transfer season may be effectively over for Barcelona.

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Barca nerd-fan said...

If this is the case, then our transfer policy is turning into Real's. We shouldn't only go for top quality stars, sometimes you need to look at other options that are available and good. I think we don't need to sign a center back as we already have Muniesa and Fontas, and they are ready! Just because they are young it doesn't mean they aren't!

All we need now is a center mid. With Fabregas becoming very unlikely, we should look at other options. Moutinho and Veloso would have been good but are now cup tied.Now I would love to see us going for Arteta, I don't think he is cup tied, is he? I reckond he will cost 15-18mil. Great deal! another player I would like Barca to go for is Nasri. He will cost around 18-20mil.

AndréssibraviquénrYAlvesyol said...

Nasri? Nice-try
But I wanted to know, if a player plays Europa qualifiers & then gets transferred to a Champions League playing club, he will get to play in CL after January right? That is after the second phase of transfer season is finished

Anurag said...

I think not. Because the rule is you can't play with two clubs in CL for the ENTIRE season.

This is actually not as bad as Real's. Because Real keeps spending and wasting money, Guardiola merely wants to make sure there is no sub standard player in the squad. He seems to have learnt from Caceres and Hleb.

Alves was not a crack when bought, but only a crazy person would not consider him a crack now.

Ibra said...

I think Barca should buy Ivanobich from Chelsea ,cos he can play both right back and center back,we should also go for Mata he can play in different positions (left wing and midfield).

AndréssibraviquénrYAlvesyol said...

Europa league is different to Champions League... Last year Diarra & Huntelaar represented their respective clubs in UEFA(now Europa) but one of them was eligible to play for Real in CL. It's a different topic that Real chose Diarra over Hunter and that cost them very dearly

Anurag said...

Ivanovich and crack don't go together. That guy is only good with headers.

Mata has been considered, but Valencia are so horny right now that they will listen to no reason. Remember a certain senor Villa?

Ibra said...

yeah it sucks coz he has the profile of Barca .i only suggested Ivanovich coz he can play two positions ,at least he is good with headers not like Abidal .
I wonder if Eboue can play as left back if he does he would be better to buy .

Anonymous said...

Alves was no crack? 35m euros and the most expensive right back in football history?

Besides, people say Pep has learnt from Hleb and Caceres, but why are you omitting Keita from your logic? Because it doesn't fit your argument? Keita was no crack. Just a solid player who could do a job, and Pep is happy with him. So why should we now decide to stop buying players like Keita?

Anurag said...

Keita is not a crack, nor has Guardiola actually said that he ONLY wants cracks. He is not a substandard player, and for that, my logic is perfect

guys, want a bunch of laughs in this depressing transfer season? read this


Anonymous said...

No, the logic is not perfect. Hleb was a bigger star than Keita when he arrived.

Saying that we don't want substandard players is like saying we don't want players that aren't good enough. Of course we don't want that, every team has that philosophy.

barca4life said...

I agree, I'd rather spend 40 million on 1 midfielder like cesc who can cover positions across our midfield than spend 40 million on Hleb Caceres and Henrique none of whom were any good for barca

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pep no need to buy another Hleb, Caceres or Henrique. But i dont agree that Chygrynskiy and Cesc are the top players who could improve our squad.

Anonymous said...

With this kind of mentality the only thing we are going to end up with this season are 'crocks'.

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