Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Eight names on right-back short list

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has been proposed by the club a short list, including videos, of candidates to strenghten the right back positon.

It's now up to the coach to inidicate his priority so Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain and Barcelona director of football Raúl Sanllehí can then start to move for the player.

Barcelona would be looking for a quality player, with good technical skills, an attacking way of playing, who's physically strong and agressive.

The names on the short list would include the following eight players:

César Azpilicueta (19 - Osasuna)
Cicinho (29 - Roma)
Emmanuel Eboué (26 - Arsenal)
Zdenek Grygera (29 - Juventus)
Jonás Gutiérrez (26 - Newcastle)
Andoni Iraola (27 - Athletic)
Rafinha (23 - Schalke)
Darijo Srna (27 - Shakhtar)

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skanjos said...

from this list i would prefer rafinha

groga said...

As Srna is an option left and right, they should have signed him before they signed Maxwell, now it doesn't make much sense, also because Shakhtar will not let him go, he's even more important that Chyg.

Tudor said...

I also...he is young and good enough for backup and play if needed...others are not worth Barcelona shirt (Srna does but he is cup tied and I think he isn`t an option)

AndréssibraviquénrYAlvesyol said...

Srna would be the most costliest & wouldn't even accept a bench role. Gutierrez is gonna be the cheapest I guess. But Cesar from Osasuno should be considered very strongly, he's a very good prospect. only 20 years & already 2 years of La Liga experience!
Rafinha would also be a good addition but for his national team Alves is one of his direct competitors, I guess he wouldn't want to be on the bench with Alves starting all the time

AndréssibraviquénrYAlvesyol said...

And I forgot to mention, Cesar is a utility just like VicSan. So I guess since we lost out on VicSan, Cesar could be the ideal buy.

chazan said...

What kind of a right back should Barca go for?? Someone who is more defensively(this will give Maxwell more playing time) or someone who has the ability to go up(this will mean that when we put Maxwell in Puyol would have to play RB)??

Another thing to consider is if we intend to put Puyol on the right side I believe he will start to get more of a fatigue because Pep would want him playing CB most games and the games he could have had to rest would now be taken over by covering the right side on those games.

Anonymous said...

Out of these, Rafinha is the best option. Good with ball etc, but expensive.

Anonymous said...

Came across an article relating to Chyhrynskyi

Anonymous said...


Moussa Dembélé also plays in wing, preferably LW

Anonymous said...

Dembele would be a very good option for us. He can play in many positions up front. If we can get Dembele, Cesar for RB and a new DM, we look much better.

Anonymous said...

Srna would be very expensive and is cup tied. I think he wants to not sit on the bench.

barca nike said...

Rafinha or Cesar Azpelicuta

deco said...

Jonas Gutierrez is so good.
He is so fast, i like him alot.

But rafinha is a huge talent and a brazilian who can handle our technical play

Anonymous said...

remember we don't need an equivalent of Alves for his back-up, we only need a squad player. Better go for César Azpilicueta, that way we have a back up for Alves and also a replacement for Victor Sanchez. César got 2 years high level experience as well, plays decent even at mid... Just bring on César, it would be like a huge investment for us

Anonymous said...

Anon: Doesn't Cesar have some Mexican blood in him?

inieeeeeeeeeeeeesta said...

This is more like it! i mean, no way i would like to see eboué grygera or cicinho BUT

Rafinha, Gutierrez and especially Cesar are gooooood

Cesar was my man of the match against real last year, he's so agressive and so physique, would be perfect!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Dembele could be a solution for our LW problems. I first noticed him in the Olympic games 08 where he played very well, he reminds me a little of Kaka when he drives through with the ball and that cant be bad

Anonymous said...

And bay the way i think Cesar would the best option then Rafinha and mayby gutierrez but Cesar wont be cheap

AndréssibraviquénrYAlvesyol said...

Just buy César Azpilicueta, Vincent Kompany & one of Arda Turan, Moussa Dembélé, Juan Mata, Ibrahim Afellay & Luis Suárez. My preference order would be Arda>MataDembélé>Afellay>Suárez. Now Suárez or mata would be the ideal player to replace Henry but we don't need just a winger, we actually need a player who can play at wing & AM positions.

César replacing VicSan, Kompany & Henrique together adding more depth compared to Caceras, the winger/attacking mid-fielder replacing Hleb, maxwell replacing Sylvinho & Ibra replacing Eto'o. We also have an improved Pedro now to add depth to the squad :)

Is it just me or any body else also feels that the above buys would make an improvement of the TREBLE winning squad!?

barca4life said...

I thought Jonas was a LW?

Tohar Investment Limited said...

jonas is never a defender,he is a pure and natural winger,but newcastle use him as a mildfielder last season bcos they are short of mildfielders,so he has the chance to support the defence.. thge only barca material i see in this list is clearlly rafinha.i like that boy like mad,just an alves like (talking about football)supports the defence well and has some deadlly skill.pls lets get him and forget about whom to play on the other side of the defence,if thats the case,lets stick to abidal and forget maxwell.RAFINHA is very good .

inieeeeeeeeeeeeeesta said...

mr andressibraviquenryalvesyol

i couldn't agree more!!
would exactly be the players i want

although problem with Kompany: still is injured for two months
was voted as second best by MC fans of the season

suarez, mata and dembele are all very much 'hung' at their club

so would prefer the three you mentioned

Anonymous said...

Kompany would be back into action in only 2 weeks.
Buying Kompany would be much of a problem for us considering the good relations that both the clubs seem to be maintaining. Moreover Man City played Kompany at CB last season. Now that they bought Toure & planning to rope in another experienced CB, Kompany playing at that position for them is out of question. They are playing 4-4-2 with Barry as CDM, Ireland as CM, Wright Philips at RW, Ronbinho at LW. They have another experienced CDM in Nigel de Jong who comes before Kompany in the picking order for them. And also Kompany himself is interested in the move :)
So if we are really interested, he would come at around 10-12 million I guess.

creus said...

Azpilicueta or Iraola would be great.

Iason said...

Rafinha is the best of them all but he is very young and would kill the chances of Montoya or Dalmau making the first team. That is why I prefer Eboue. He can also play LB, RM and DM and is a lot cheaper. Besides, Rafinha is too good not to be a starter.

El Fuego said...

Srna is best of these 8 players. he is far better. he can play everything: LB, RB, DM, AM, LW.

rahul said...

whats teh use of signing an awesome talent like rafinha when we already alves. rafinha wud be very expensive n when barca get their name associated wit him he wud atleast cost 30m. teh best is cesar, ppl who saying he is decent i think last yr in teh against us cesar didnt let henry do anything teh whole 90 mins. u wudnt believe that teh guy is only 20 yrs old. get him he wud an excllent addition. he wudnt cost much either at most 8m no way more than that can be his price. i think we shud get him before anyone else does, plus jesus gamez is available for only 4m euros n he is really good. n young too. y not sign him.

bombastico said...

grygera : he schould be avoided because of his agent riaola. barcelona should not give him more influence..
obviously grygera is sportitive not a good option..

rafinha :
great talent,great skills,great player..
but he is the partying lovin kind of brazilian who seemed to have a complicated character..
a troublesome player in my opinion.

eboue :
i think thats the best option..
does not cost so much, seems to be a teamplayer.
great character and great player..
26 years old which means that dalmau and montoya do have the chance to take his plays one day..

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