Monday, 17 August 2009

Friendly game against Bolivar at end of the year

Speaking to Spanish news agency EFE, Bolívar president Guido Loayza has said that the Bolivian club will travel to Spain at the end of the year to play a friendly game against Barcelona:

"We will travel to Europe in November or December when our league has ended. We don't yet know the exact date, it will depend on our calendar and the one of Barça. It will be very difficult for Barcelona, but we're very serious about this."

The news agency reports that Barcelona and Bolívar signed last year a three-year co-operation agreement, that includes among other things the possibility that Bolivian players can join Barcelona on loan and that Bolivian coaches can come to Spain to learn from Barcelona's technical staff. The deal also says that if Barcelona decides to travel to South America, the club will first visit Bolivia.

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SergioN said...

Ridiculous deal. "First travel to Bolivia"? So if we travel to Colombia or Venezuela, we first take a trip all down to Bolivia to meet Bolivians? Bolivia is the joke of South America, nobody take them seriously in South America, why should we?

FCBolivia said...


you are a joke, why would anybody travel to colombia or venezuela, colombia is a the counry of cocaine and crime, and venezuela is the only South Amrecian country that never has been in a World Cup,

Tohar Investment Limited said...

no they are coming to barcelona to play us. in spain .whao.dont fight u americans.

fcbee said...

They meant the last phrase, Bojanibra... ;)

IF Barcelona one day goes to South-America, they would first go to Bolivia.

Anonymous said...

Where will be our summer tour next year? Let's see...North-America, Asia, North-America, Asia...
The hell with it, let's go to Bolivia! :D

Harsha said...

i donno why most of asians are fans of manchester utd... barca should go there and showcase some of the talent the next pre-season

Mome said...

i donno why most of asians are fans of manchester utd.

Cus Man U got a Chines. Ji Sun Park.
All Asian loves him even if they are Tailandes Vitnames Japnese Chines or Korean.

Anonymous said...

He is Korean. Korean stuff is popular in asia. Korean movies, music, everything Korean.

AndréssibraviquénrYAlvesyol said...

Barcelona matches are aired at like 2AM in Asia... While EPL matches would start at 5PM & would end by 12 in the worst case scenario. So we get to see only EPL matches most of the time and since they won a lot in the recent past people tend to start liking them.
I always stay awake till 4 in the morning to watch our stars & will be absent for my school next day :P

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