Sunday, 16 August 2009

Decision on future Jeffren made on Tuesday

Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu claims that Barcelona will make next week the final decision on the future of Barcelona Atlètic wing attacker Jeffren Suárez (21).

On Tuesday, the club will decide if Jeffren will stay with the first team or if the player will be sold or loaned to Spanish first division club Racing Santander (read more here).

The player's performance in the super cup game against Athletic Bilbao tonight could have a decisive influence.

Speaking at a press conference, Racing Santander president Francisco Pernía meanwhile said that his club is staying in contact with Barcelona: "Our squad is basically complete although we're staying attentive. The talks with Barça are ongoing. I think we are acting in a good way. Time is running of course, but we can wait until the end of the transfer window."

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skanjos said...

he didnt get alot of time in this game,but he did well,especially one tunnel he made to the left back of atl ,amazing.we should keep him for rotation.

Anonymous said...

skanjos: please don't talk rubbish. He did not do well, far too eager to impress. He just made a mess out of himself. He should leave. He would struggle to get into the Santander team.

barca said...

anonymous shot up you talk too much
did you see him in usa and uk
he is a great player and barca should keep him and let him play in copa de lay so he can be better

Anonymous said...

Although he is still young, Jeffren is not barca quality. He gets past 2 players then doesnt know what to do. Hopefully he doesnt hold up Thiago's and JOnathan's progress to barca's fist squad.

Anonymous said...

lol Barca just accept that Jeffren is a piece of crap. He should not even have the privilige to play with spain. He should just go back to venezuela along with his Wanna be C. ROnaldo hair.

Bogman said...

I actually thought he did very well. Sure, he over-work some situations, but that's quite common amongst the young players. He has a very good technique and shoots well with both feet. Plus he has the power Bojan, for example, lacks. And you can't expect Jeffren to be as in sync with the team as Pedro who has a lot more experiences with the first team. say we must keep him unless there is another transfer coming in soon. Otherwise our wings could be cut pretty fast. Imagine Messi and Iniesta being injured at the same time...and Henry doesn't seem to hold an entire season as he is getting older, right? I see potential in this guy and we should not let him leave now, unless there is a new signing. Then it would be best for him and Barca to loan him to a la liga team were he would be a starter.

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