Sunday, 16 August 2009

Bojan looking back at cup final

Speaking to Catalan sports paper Sport, Barcelona forward Bojan Krkic looked back at last season's cup final against Athletic Bilbao and the goal he scored:

"It was the end of a competition in which I had played a lot and had scored goals. Being a starter was a kind of consolation prize, although I'm aware that, at a club like Baça, you have to earn a consolation prize every day. But maybe in the end it was the confirmation that I can be a starter.

When I received the ball, I immediately knew what I was going to do, that's why I didn't even look to see if Samu was there, I didn't see him. I was very focused and in the end it turned out well. When the team-mates came up to me to celebrate, that was a very happy moment for all of us, because of the importance of the game, because we were playing for the first trophy of the season..."

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Watch a video of Bojan's goal in last season's cup final here:


skanjos said...

great goal but it should have been a pass to secure it,but since it got in no complains hehe.cant wait for todays first official game

Anonymous said...

bojan i belive is the succesor of david villa in the national team

Manolo said...

Eto'o missed some chances before Bojan had that chance.
Maybe he thought: Ohno you've missed far to many chances already..

Kman said...

That was a pure Henry type finish, great goal!

Brimwa said...

hard to believe he's only 18 and he plays for barca and he's valued very highly...

he has a bright future

Conako said...

@ Kman, Yes, You are right.
and I'm sure he learned it from Henry. :)

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