Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Jorquera wants to continue next season

Asked about his situation at the club, Barcelona goalkeeper Albert Jorquera has said in an interview with Madrid sports tabloid Marca that he wants to stay at Barcelona next season:

"The truth is that I didn't yet think about leaving Barça. I have the feeling that I can play here and that the people still don't really know me as a player.

Of course I wish to play every weekend but I still believe I can do that here. I hope to start the next season in the same condition as the others and not recovering like this season. In the life of a football player there's a moment for everything and right now I'm only thinking about Barça.

Tenerife? I've heard that there was something published in the local press but I don't know anything about it. Tenerife is historically a big club and if the circumstances were right, of course I wouldn't mind playing there. Going abroad? If that would be a possibility, it's certainly something I would consider.

Sporting Gijón? The loan deal basically didn't go through in January because Barcelona didn't want to let me go. The club preferred that I continued and said that the squad needed me. Valencia? Those were only rumours. Valencia didn't directly contact me. I don't know if they talked with the club, but they didn't with me."

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per said...

If he wants to stay and doesn't mind not playing, then sure, why not?

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