Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Barcelona has a deal with Ribery

Catalan sports paper Sport claims, based upon sources in Germany, that Barcelona has already reached an agreement with Bayern Munich wing attacker and French international Franck Ribéry (25) (read more here).

Ribéry would also have informed his club that he wants to join Barcelona. A transfer would now only depend on a deal between the two clubs.

Asked if his future is linked to that of his close friend Ribéry, Bayern Munich central defender and Belgian international Daniel Van Buyten (31) meanwhile suggested to a journalist that the Frenchman could be on his way to Barcelona: "Who knows? If Ribéry joins Barça, I wouldn't mind following him."

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Mihawk said...

van Buyten... no comment LOL

Anonymous said...

noo not Ribery

Amir said...

yessssssssssssssssssssss f*cking damn yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!
next season ribery on the left messi on the right please bring lahm with him that would be perfect my dream team!!
alves-puyol-pique-lahm /zhirkov
fabregas xavi iniesta
messi etoo/villa/ibra ribery

Gk: asenjo & de gea & promote oier or mino
Lb: zhirkov or lahm (or both if sale both abidal and sylvinho)
Cm: fabregas or hernanes
Lw: ribery!!!
Forward: ibra or villa
Keirrison or neymar or walter

Gk: valdes & jorquera & pinto
Defence: sylvinho
Midfield: toure or keita + guddy + hleb
Forward: etoo (sorry guys) bojan (loan)

Anonymous said...

what a fuckin moron. toure out? wihtout him there's no barca.

Mr Anonymous said...

Out Toure and Keita!
No way, no way must Toure go,
and Keita has become a good squad member for the team.
That's crazy thinking to want Toure out.

Anonymous said...

Pep, Ribéry is (26) and not 25.

Amir said...

man just take every thing in proportion we sell one of them we'll get fabregas he is way better than both

Amir said...

hey you treat toure like he's messi
"without toure there is no barca"

Anonymous said...

@AMIR: fabregas is very good yes, but he is another player than yaya or keita, they two are more defensive and fabregas plays more offesive!

Amir said...

i agree with u what can i say i play a lot fifa manger :P:P:P (just kidding)

AMJ said...

Respond to Amir:

Are u fkin high? Should we sell Touré and play with 3 offensive midfielders? You need a defensive midfielder to balance up. Yaya is a key-player in Barca. And you cant compare Fabregas with Touré and Keita. By the way, about your buying/sell list, do you honestly think Barca will buy 6-7 players and sell the same ammount? This isnt a video game, the only pretty sure thing is that Sylvinho may leave.

Amir said...

that's my dream team i didn't say it's going to happen:P

messiiiiiiiiii said...

absolutely need yaya for xavi and ini to be effective. and can't wait for riberyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

KluivertsBoots said...

BS, no one besides Madrid will negotiate with a player before going through the club. Sport is just trying to fan the fantasy flames.

Anonymous said...

Who says that next season Pep Guardiola wont build his own dream team? Why wouldnt he want to improve upon the side if he has the opportunity? Despite the excellent results, there is plenty of room for improvement now and for the future; Valdez, Jorquera, Pinto, Sylvinho, Keita, Gudjohnsen, Hleb, Milito, etc. Call me blasphemous, but these players are getting old and will never be decisive every time they step on the pitch.
Shouldn't young decisive players with room to grow be preferred over older squad players when a rotation is in place? Clearly developing talent is the main reason our club is so incredible. I trust you Pep Guardiola, spend money, bring in the world class youth, and build the best team the world has ever seen. I for one am predicting wholesale changes this summer.

I'm talking about equal talent, equal playing time. Setting the standard, Lionel Messi.

sashi said...

guys jus cool it.... Amir is jus tooo high completing 20 seasons wit his dream team on FIFA 09 on his play station... tats all.. dont waste ur energy convincing him tat Yaya is a DM while Fabregas is CM... he wont believe u...

HouseMD said...

OUT (due to their age and while Barca can cash in on them):
-Sylvinho (hard to expect to cash in on him)
-Milito (not old, but didn't show much while he wasn't injured)

New signings... well it's hard to say. There's need to strengthen the left side. I see Taye Taiwo as good attacking LB, and of course Zhirkov.
Ribery would be great choice for left winger, but Laporta said they won't purchase him due to good relationship with Bayern. And I must say: 2 years too late! Barca could've get him instead of buying Henry or Milito.
Silva could also be great and more important, he's younger and cheaper than Ribery...and used to La Liga.

ZenI said...

I think that our main target should be a new LWF, like Ribery. Our next targets should be backups for LB and RB. I think young talents should be bought, not to expensive. Next target should be a backup for Eto'o (if he stays that is) that could also play RWF. Henry should stay and rotate with Ribey and Eto'o. Another target would be a more offensive minded CM, like Gourcouff or Rakitic. IMO, no big names besides Ribery. But I also think that Caceres will not be playing at Barca next season and that we will look for another CB?
As you see, this would make it about 6 players? And I don't think there's a chance that Pep and Txiki will bring in so many new players. This would unsettle the squad IMO.
The thing is, we've been really lucky with injuries this season. Besides Abidal and Iniesta for 5 weeks. And see how we played without Iniesta? We had a big problem on the midfield when Keita or Guddy couldn't fill his place. So what happens when Alves or Messi get's injured? We have to get a bigger squad.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Madrid just won 3-2!!! THIS MATCH WAS RIGGED!!! WHAT A FARCE!! Getafe missed the easiest penalty after Pepe was sent off. The shot was the weakest you will ever see. GETAFE want Madrid to win the title. This is a JOKE. Justice will occure when we SMASH Madrid in early May. This result should be revoked!!

semko said...

At least they lost pepe,i hope for the rest of the season!and robben got injured!

MBB said...

I think Toure will go in a year or two to Arsenal for Fabergas. He is one of the top 4 players on this team. I do think though that if Faberags comes on we would certainly shift to 4-4-2 which would then mean we wouldn't necessarily need the physical presence of a Toure.

Anonymous said...

Why would we signed an unneeded player(Fabregas) for a player that we have no real substitue for(Toure)?

Anonymous said...

fabregas has recently hinted in an interview that he is most suited to playing a "double pivot" that is, a pair of deeplying playmakers that share defensive responsibilities.


This way we would not need yaya but he would be greatly missed.

ZenI said...



I don't think that Cesc and Xavi could be the defensive force we're after. And Villa in Barca? I don't think so. But against Sevilla, Alves could play in Messis place if he's out? :





I know some of our players needs some rest, but the Sevilla game will be a hard one and we have to go 100%! I'm not sure that Bojan or Hleb could do a better job than Alves on the RWF?!

MBB said...

Anonymous, I agree I would prefer we not loose Toure...he is a beast! To say we would not need Fabergas in 2 to 3 years is a bit wishful. BTW in the previous posts I would NEVER leave Pique alone in the center back.

Anonymous said...

Man I feel so bad Last summer we could have got andrea Arshavin Better than Helb I mean seriously I lost confidence in Helb . We could have solved the left wing issue that pops out ever year :(.

Amir said...

hey u sashi u should chill down before i get angry u f*cking damn fool you're a joke that's what u are i DONT play fifa it was a joke you're too high to anderstand u have no humour sense i posted my dream team i said we should sale either keita either toure i'd prefer keita and we could play marquez as DM and i thought a blog is a place when u can express ur ideas and i found out that it's not so go f*ck urself

Anonymous said...

hey guys just chill,amir was obviously kiddin,dont need to start fucking and swering,this is a gr8 blog,i dont want this to turn in to goal.com and all the dumb comments

Amir said...

sorry man

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