Thursday, 23 April 2009

Quote of the day: Guardiola

What is ahead is so beautiful, that we cannot stop now

Josep Guardiola, Barcelona manager


pep said...


"We cannot relax now. If an opponent defeats us, it should be because they show that they are better than us, not because we stopped doing our job."

ej said...


look here

this what i said before few days tevez want to leave and he woud like to come to spain (daughter speak spanish) so we may get him much cheaper than we think !!!

Knives Out said...

And we won't be stopped!

Carvalho ruled out from the Barca tie (well, at least the first leg):

Marc4barca said...

it would of been good news if he was a starter knives but alex has made that spot his. the only good news of this tie is that mancienne is marking messi that means someone from midfield had to stop being a midfielder and help mancienne which also means more space for xavi and iniesta.

Anonymous said...

If Hiddink has a brain, and I'm pretty sure he does, Essien will be playing left back and man marking Messi.

Anonymous said...

everybody talkes about who is going to mark messi. but who is going to mark iniesta? against manu (last season) he didn't do well but i think he can be the most important player in the hard matches coming up.

Anonymous said...

my quote of the day is from eto:

Eto'o: „Iniesta ist the best player in the world"

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