Saturday, 25 April 2009

Ibrahimovic wants to play in Spain

Asked about the rumours linking with several European top clubs among which Barcelona (read more here), Inter Milan forward and Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic (27) said in an interview with British sports television channel Eurosport that he is considering a move to Spain:

"I have a contract with Inter and I feel well here. But at the same time I would like to test something new now because I've been in Italy for five years.

I won everything in Italy, I learnt a lot from Italy. But there is a moment in your life, like when I was at Ajax, when you say to yourself you want to try something new. I think Spanish football is more the way I play... I like technical football and they play technical there."

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SimonP said...

I am swedish and I would hate to see him in Barcelona. He is the opposite to a teamplayer and always dissapears in big matches. It's rare that he scores 20+ goals per season.

Mihawk said...

He can go Real, he'd perfectly fit in there.
We don't need him, Eto'o is a so much better guy and player.

Miztah Mobstah said...

i couldn't agree with u any more. I am also an Inter fan in the Italian league and Ibra misses way more sitters than he scores goals. The bigger and more important the game is, he is more unlikely to score. He has never scored outside of the group stages in a UEFA competition, and thats not good enough

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of Ibra, but Eto'o probably misses more sitters than any other striker in the world. He could have had a 45+ goal season, if he scored even a quarter of the 100% chances he's had this year. He may score from impossible positions, but when he finds himself 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper, he'll probably miss.

Amir said...

i have to disagree with u guys even if he's not a team player he's way better than etoo in INDIVIDUAL qualities because he creates his own chances.
a transfer of ibra to camp nou i think can roll 2 scenarios:
the good one ibra will learn to pass and be a team player and will lead when messi or iniesta don't play because he wants titles!!
the second one: ibra is a total disaster and won't fit in barca system!
so to take him out of san siro may be difficult but not impossible but it will be a risk

Mihawk said...

You say, there's no one who misses more chances, I say, there's no one who scoresm ore goals on such a level.

Eto'o probably misses some 100% chances sometimes, but it's by far not as much as you say there.
And if we need him, we can always count on him.

He is one of the main factors of our success. Not only because he's scorring so much, but also because he's running and fighting like crazy all the time, creating space and chances for other players.
He's, by far, more worth than just goals.

Mihawk said...

Ibrahimovic and lead? LOL

kamikaze kontiki said...

Mihawk, hit the nail on the head.

We need a striker who moves about constantly, creates space for other players, does the running to pressurise defenders, someone who works his ass off on the pitch.


I couldn't think of anyone who is less likely to fulfill these criteria than Zlatan.

Amir said...

i completely agree with kamikaze kontiki :D he pulled out the words from my mouth :D

sashi said...

no thanx u Zlatan "Big match flop" Ibrahimovic...

Ramen said...

He definitely must not come here. Barça have Bojan coming up, and he's been looking great in the past two games. They aren't a buying club, anyway....

Amir said...

at least he doesn't miss 100% goals

per said...

Besides, There's no way in hell that Barça would pay the 6-700 million that he'd probably cost.

Even though I'm from sweden, there are few players in the world outside Real Madrid that I dislike more than Zlatan. I would cry rivers if we bought him.

Bubben said...

I agree with that part about etoo running alot and doing much for his team. But when Barca has the ball which is about 70% of the time in almost all games he doesnt contribute as much to the game as Zlatan would. He is big and strong and can really hold on to the ball when he needs to. When you say that zlatan doesnt like to pass the ball thats almoast like saying Xavi dont like to pass. In fact his eye for the game is maybe his best skill, he delivers amazing assists all the time. So I would certainly appriciate if he came to Barcelona!

Ba-Beka said...

Ibra for me is one of the best Strikers in the wold , he is the most talented one . Play just like Van Basten or Cruyif , got that talent , so imagine playing side to side Maradona and Cruyif (Messi and Ibra) that's crazy , even now Barca are proving without Ibra , they are the most dangerous attack in the world , Henry Eto Messi ... But still if Henry leave i'll bring Ribery and Ibra insted Eto (if he decide to leave) , then again we'll have maybe more dangerous trident Ribery Ibra Messi .

Hope they won't let him go to Madrid.


Manolo said...

Well, he will never be a Barça player, He doesn't have to style nor the humilty.

And Barça would never, never splat out a 80-100 million euros for him.

Maybe if he would have a pricetag on 15 m Euro.

Which striker we should buy though is David Villa!

How many goals have he done at this season so far?

And take a look at his team-mates.
They are far from Barça class!

Imagine how many goals he could score with Xavi,Iniesta,Messi etc, etc around him.

Could well become the best striker in the world!

Iason said...

Like 15 David Villa's goals have come from penalty shots though. We do need a better Penalty Kick taker though...

Amir said...

i can sum up all this conversation ibra is the best in the world if he will come to camp nou it would be perfect to me at least i like his style!! and if we bring also ribery i can't imagine an attack more powerfull! if the trident henry etoo messi crushes teams right now i bet we have to invent a new term to what we'll be doing with this trident ribery ibra messi

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys play too much video games.

And it's a shame that so many people has a so bad opinion about the skills of Eto's. He doesn't deserve this treatment after all what ha has done for us.

By the way, the higher our score during the game is, the more Eto'o misses the goal. This means that his misses are rarely game deciding.

fcbee said...

I think he's just keeping his options open instead Eto'o would leave.

Eto'o also has an ego, but he can put it aside and work for the team, being one of the guys. Ibra didn't yet show he can do that, he has always been the star and behaved like that. I think it's more likely that he'll end up in Madrid if he leaves this summer.

lostmyself said...

i love ibra,but
etoo recently suggests he wants to stay here
so it's not gonna happen.
btw i don't wanna see him in madrid
so please stay inter.

Marc4barca said...

it's one thing when people talk bout a player when they probably don't even watch italian serie A and only follow what people hear or what they see on the internet and another thing when people look at a player in one team and not see him performing in another. i'll start with the second one, example shevchenko- good in italy flop in england, another example certain players who are good in their league but some of u said won't fit in barcelona so why can't u say the same thing about zlatan but differently like "ok 20 goals so far in italy, imagine him in barca" or "he may be poor in italy because he doesn't get that much service as eto does and he still has 20 goals". the fact that people say he is big game flop can't be argued but ask yourselves what makes a big game flop the player or the team? i say the team. against big teams its not about throwing your best squad and let them do whatever, there is more tactic s to it and bad luck, when i see zlatan play the only problem i see with him against big teams is being unlucky infront of goal or he's upfront all alone cause teams these days are to afraid to play attack and also ronaldo is a big game flop and manu ends up still winning so what your saying is that if messi or eto was a big game flop we would lose let me remind you that barca is a team and when someone goes missing there is always someone else to pick up the pieces but i would bet my life zlatan would not be a big game flop if he joins barca.

to the first point. how many of you watch italian serie A or even inter in cl or whatever cause i see some of u say he is not a team player, this guy is a xavi in attack mode his passes are amazing and he definitely doesn't squander more sitters than eto'o. tell the truth how many of u care whether eto'o defends or not. but u can't discount zlatan cause he drifts back to midfield and brings up the ball but doesn't defend. defending without all our forwards isn't the end of the world nothing wrong with one or two staying forward cause i see henry in defense as well and messi fights back for the ball and help daniel when needed.

now what i hate to hear the most is this ego shit. eto had a damn ego when we won la liga and cl, cristiano has an ego and he won the same thing as eto, zlatan has an ego and he is on his way to a third consecutive scudetto. is it me or does ego don't mean a god damn thing. people can change, what was henry before he came to arsenal? a person with a team built around him, give him the ball he'll do the rest. what is he now and LF who has fit in to our passing game. zlatan adds height to the squad for those alves crosses, more technical ability than eto because we all know eto's passing isn't up to par and i sometimes wonder what eto would be without his speed but none of the less he has it and its working for him. not to mention we would finally have some physicality upfront we know zlatan don't play around with rough defenders. don't get me wrong i'm not saying to oust eto that's not my decision, i don't really care if he goes or stays as long as someone the same as him or better comes along but when people gang up on a player and say stupid things agasint him that don't anything then u have nothing else to do but state the obvious.

KEMPE cy said...

why all of you how say bad things about something or someone are anonymus??
btw on the topic i like imbra and if he is willing to do some thing in the game he is going to be far more usefull than eto'o.. i also thing that if henry was in st position this year he would have easylly had 45+ goals!! in all competitions!!
but we must be fair eto is world class striker!! can score from almost a 1 m2 space!!

Kxevin said...

Marc4Barca pretty much sums it up. It is impossible to glean any reasonable data from Ibrahimovic's Serie A performance. If he scores as many goals as he does in the world catenaccio, playing up front as the sole striker, imagine what he would do in Barca.

Make no mistake, what Eto'o does with his constant movement and positioning, not to mention his passing, is brilliant. He's been an immense value to the team.

But Villa over Ibrahimovic? Sorry, but given the choice, with both being anything approaching the same price, it's Ibrahimovic all day. He can create space to make his own chances, his control and first touch are Henry-like, and he can score goals from absurd angles and situations, never mind the tap-ins he would undoubtedly get.

But the question is worth asking: With our movement-based offense, how capable is Ibrahimovic of fitting in? Good question. But I would ask that question of Villa also, the current favorite. He runs down and pretty much waits for service. Eto'o is a one of a kind with his constant movement and aggression, which creates space that leads to goals. Still, I'd take Ibrahimovic over any other striker in the world. It's a definite risk, however.

And every striker has an ego. It comes with the position.

kamikaze kontiki said...

There are probably a lot of strikers who would fit in with our movement based offense, only you are more likely to find them at smaller clubs.

He has his moments of inspiration which come about once in a blue moon while the rest of the time he is lethargic and disinterested or just plain ineffective.

Anyway, I am not arguing against buying him on those points which may be contentious but rather on these :Ibrahimovic doesn't move, doesn't pass and doesn't run down the opposition. He does absolutely nothing off the ball.

Why would we want a striker like that? One who is likely to make the rest of the team work harder to create the same opportunities and at the end of it, is still unlikely to finish of the chance created for him? And why does he keep talking about the Spanish League? He can go to RM for all I care, seems to suit their style of play a lot more than ours.

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